March 21, 2013


Last week while standing in the kitchen, my husband said, “I wonder if there is Bible Study this week. I feel like I want to go catch up.” Within moments he obeyed what God put on his heart and made plans with IT Jesus to join them for the lesson. He took his Concise Theology book to gymnastics and read almost half of it in preparation. Let me tell you all something: I love watching God move within my man. LOVE. And later my man told me that he loved me because I encouraged him to go to Bible Study. God is good.

There was lots of wrestling this week. The littlest one is now the most aggressive. She wants to wrestle every day and she uses her new gymnastics muscles when she goes about it. Since it’s not my head she’s clinging on to, I couldn’t tell you for sure, but it sounds as though #4 packs a wallop.  I think I might try to send her along on her big sibs’ dates in the future, just in case someone tries something out of line.

Andrew earned his DS back this weekend because his grades came up to A’s and B’s. We are so proud of him. He even used his planner to capture the upcoming testing his school is doing, WITHOUT prompting. That’s huge!

My husband told me that he listened to Christian radio all day recently, instead of sports radio or country. I am so proud to belong to a King, who so relentlessly pursues our love back. This gives me big, warm fuzzies.

Rika Studios sent me an email this morning. My beloved Iron Girl sweatshirt has been restocked. Rika only sells directly in Europe and only a few of the international websites will deliver to the US. In other words, WAY European cool and very hard to get. I was so excited… until I saw the price in euros. Holy shit, Batman. I’m going to have to save up for so long that the stinkin’ thing is going to be backordered again before I have enough dollars. Sigh. Maybe instead I will design my own iron-on image and do it myself. For way cheaper. Where there is a will, there’s a way, right? I have lawyers to pay instead.

Bryon and I met some friends out for St. Patrick’s Day. I did not partake of any green liquids, but it was flowing. The best surprise was that our favorite band was playing at one of our favorite places, AND they sang The Heat of the Moment for us. While also asking me to lead the entire place in a choreographed clapping-drum session along with the music. I am totally not kidding. It was AWESOME.

Because everyone was a bit under the weather this weekend, we also laid around and watched movies. Pitch Perfect has become a family favorite. There are a few naughty words (lesbihonest) and so forth, but we make them plug their ears. I have half the soundtrack downloaded to my iPod, which is going to become unbearable at the office. Sorry, office peeps!

Oh, Misha Lulu, why can’t you be more affordable?!

You guys, I finally did it. I made a black infinity scarf last week! I am genuinely proud of myself for making time to do something creative. I also pulled out the red, moleskine notebook that I bought weeks ago and began dumping the contents of my brain onto its pages. Lists of sewing things and fashion things, and home things, too. It’s been a LONG time since that happened. Look out!

We work in a small town out in the country with more pigs than people. And definitely more corn than pigs. So two-lane highways are the way in and the way out. On the way home last night we saw flashing lights ahead of us. As Bryon pulled to the curb to allow the emergency vehicle to go past he wondered out loud, "Is that a firetruck?" I noticed that my husband wasn't wearing his glasses. Before I could clarify the vehicle, Mabel shouted from the backseat, "Look out! IT'S DA COPS!"

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