April 29, 2013

Favorite Duds

Happy Monday, Yo!

Happy Monday, my good peeps. This weekend was... amazing. Honestly. Not what I expected but amazing.  I had some tremendous headaches as a result of the spike in temperature but the warming and sunshine associated with that brightened my mood right up, don't you know? We opened all the windows in the house and aired it out and my plants were super excited about that.

My husband and I decided to spend some time missing each other on Saturday. It's good to do that and we don't, often. So he took the kids fishing (minus Hayley who had a big birthday party) and I was left alone to do my own thing.

[Fishing count: Trevor, 1 - Andrew, 1 - Dad, 1 - and Mabel, 4]

My thing included cleaning my new vintage clogs, going tanning, visiting a Sephora alone for the first time in years, buying the kids flip flops, enjoying a jaunt through Michael's without scolding someone, and stopping for luxurious ice cream - just for me. I had also planned to sew and stop at my favorite thrifts, but I ran out of time. I ended the afternoon with a couple of glasses of Moscato with my mother in law. Bryon and I lit a fire at home (yes that's what I mean) and then I started the evenings' backyard bonfire my very own self. Where our friends came over, we played the music nice and loud, the kids ate s'mores, and my husband brought out the weenies just so I could roast one up all black, with a slice of cheese - just the way I like it at nearly midnight. All in all, glorious Saturday.

Also this weekend, I managed to find the exact teeth whitening gel that I used years ago, when I worked at a dentist office. I made some molds of my teeth and tried it out again this weekend. Coffee stains sort of 'stick' differently when you get older, kids. Anyway, Nite White (which is now Zoom) still works like a charm. I used the 22% gel and with only two applications, my smile is already brighter. Coffee, be gone!

Bo is growing. Can we all take a moment to look at him and say, "Wow" ? Great, now lets all take a moment to look at him and say, "Stop jumping on mama and daddy's heads in the middle of the night, mmm-kay?"  Thanks. Repetition is key.

The boys helped our neighbor clear branches Saturday morning. He owns a lawncare business and needed some muscle, so they tagged along. They worked for firewood, so it was perfect! I'm very proud of them for helping. I can't believe how big little Trevvy Trev is getting. Ugh. He's a man-child. Handsome, though.

Tonight we are hoping to do some more yard work before the weather changes again. Today is another 70 degree day, but the next week will be 40's. Suckola!

April 26, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. What I love is that this wonderful and honorable tribesman is saying the exact same thing God does in the Bible. Because it's true.

2. I need me a bundt pan! Look how easy this looks!

3. Rubyellen Bratcher posted this on her website and I fell in love with it.

4. Baked donuts? Hell yes.

5. I love this midcentury chair, the plants, and the graphic pillow. I really must get some black and white going.

6. Washi tape frames - this is perfect for one of the littles' rooms!

7. Buffalo chicken/shrimp tacos. Tried them and LOVE them.

8. The Ways You Can Cleanse For Spring - that's the title of the latest 52 week challenge. Have you thought about what can leave your closet? How about your life? What are you holding onto that is dragging you down?

9. Already number 9 and I'm just now posting an outfit? Wow. I must be coming down with something. I love this faded denim shirt with the glitz of sequins on that skirt. LOVE.

10. Here's another Rubyellen thing - a planner! I need one of these in my life.

11. Tildon. When I saw this jacket on HappilyGrey a few weeks ago and gasped out loud, I immediately looked it up. It's by Tildon and was on clearance at Nordstrom's. Can't say as I'd ever bought anything from Nordstrom's before - but now I can. With the weather finally breaking, I can't wait to wear this deconstructed jacket.

12. I love these plates. Whimsical and vintage looking - AND still white enough to remain a neutral tone in the kitchen.

13. Little girl room idea! Love the tassels and the vintage bedding. And those teddies!

14. Misha Lulu will forever steal my heart. I wish I was a millionaire because I'd buy it all up for both of my girls. Still, it inspires me to start sewing again.

15. Rubyellen has a hammock in her living room. And I dream about lying in one just like it all the time.

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April 24, 2013

Lucky Redux on Weddennessday

So the other day while my hubby and I were on our staycation, we stopped at the store for a few things. While Pinterest is my fave, I still enjoy leafing through a magazine for ideas - and the most recent Lucky was a-shoutin' my name. I mean would you just look at 40-something Julie Bowen on the cover? Wow.

I hadn't had the magazine 5 minutes and already had to take pictures of my favorite ideas.These are only a few. I also snapped one of myself to compare to previous self portraits of hair growth. Sigh. Piss poor growth so far. Come on, follicles!

Our vacation was wunderbar. We have some things going on in life right now that are trying to piss us off, but God is awesome. Our faith in him prevails and we are GREAT. Kids are GREAT. Devil can kiss my hiner. Our vacation was a great reminder of why we are us and how in love we are. I asked my husband recently what he loved most about us right now. He always giggles and mentions nookie (is that how you spell nookie?), but this time he added that he loves that we are STILL best friends. After 3 years we still enjoy spending just as much time together as we did back then. We still love to be around one another and make the choice to involve the other in almost everything. It was precious to hear him say that because it's girl-speak a bit, isn't it? Guys have trouble articulating things like that for our pink hearts, so I was thankful that he did it.

Hayley just returned from a 5 day vacation to Florida. She had a great time, so long as you don't ask her about theme park rides. Generally speaking, they are "scary" and she doesn't like them.

Trevor is attending a weekly football practice every Wednesday morning to hone in on the skills and plays he'll need to know this fall. He loves it.

Mabel's gymnastics evaluation was last week. While Hayley's recreational class eval takes place during the regular class, the gym handles their competing littles differently. Mabel's eval was on a different night and lasted 3 hours. Thirty littles showed up in their darling leotards and they tested everything from cartwheels to balance beam, vault to trampoline, bars, and eyeball crossing. Results will be in tonight and we suspect that she will test as a beginner. After all, she is a beginner at this Petite Elite thing. We're so proud of both of our girls.

Some of you may have watched the news recently and saw that our area of the country was hit with one heck of a winter storm two weeks ago. Four days after our first bonfire and 65 degree day, of course. We had 2" of ice followed by 8" of snow. Winds topped 40 mph. It was cah-RAZY. Then a week later it happened all over again. So we have tons of snow. It's almost May for pity's sake. The weatherman promised it would hit 70 degrees this weekend, but he also said the Farmer's Almanac promised one more winter storm next week. Greeeeaaaatttt. Grass will be hella green!

Little Bocephus is blending in nicely with our family. He and the Kikers are getting along just swimmingly now, wrestling at all times including the middle of the night. He's a pistol, that Bo. And he loves his mama. You ask anyone in the house who his favorite is and they will tell you how he loves everyone equally - except for Mama. He loves on me something fierce. Which is strange because I wasn't the first to touch him, feed him, hold him, or anything like that. But since he came home with us, sitting on my chest and licking my face is his favorite thing to do. He follows me all around the house. Guess I must just look like a mama. I'll take it.

I won an ebay auction while on vacation - for a vintage pair of Swedish Hasbeen clogs. I am so elated, I cannot explain it to you. But my honey rooted me on and I sniped them at the last minute - paying less than 1/3 of their retail cost. Total score!

Big fishing plans this weekend if the weather holds. Cross your fingers!

April 19, 2013

The Jedi Kicks 40's Ass

Bryon's birthday was this week. It was a day I wanted to honor with love, respect, fun, and reflection.

I know my husband well enough to know he shouldn't be left alone long on the actual day because he would start to what-if all of the mistakes he made as a young man instead of focusing on the huge amount of learning that came with those choices back then. And he would miss his dad for longer than a healthy amount of time. And he would start to contemplate the amount of life that is behind him instead of in front. And so on and so on. And so I needed a plan.

I wanted to do something to bring some huzzah to my Jedi. Something that was swirled in my love and silliness, something that he would always remember. And so the day before his birthday I came up with a plan.

Bryon was off of work already (we both took the week off to laze around, do home projects, and have a lot of fun and dirty pig s ex) so I had to wait until he was occupied with the neighbor running errands around town. I stopped by the party store on my way home and picked up 40 balloons in two enormous, plastic bags. Which I sped home within 7 minutes (the neighbor texted the whole way "we are almost home!" shut-up-Dave-I'm-already-rushing ) and met the boys at the door. We all ran the enormous bags next door to Dave's house and let them loose of their bags in his spare bedroom. We rushed back home, parked the car in the garage, and greeted Bryon mere seconds later.

Late that night after we went to bed, I waited forever for him to fall asleep. He'd roll and snore but didn't settle in until almost 11. Good gobs of goose liver, Dear. And so I crept down the hallway, being terribly careful to be quiet as a mouse. I left The Golden Girls playing in our room and also turned on the bathroom fan to mask any noises I might make later. I put on my coat, my stocking cap, and grabbed a flashlight. Once I realized I looked like a robber about to sprint across the yard, I took off the stocking cap and put away the flashlight.

I crept outside and down the sidewalk, and let myself into Dave's garage. We'd texted a plan for him to leave the balloons tied to his staircase so that I could retrieve them after Bryon fell asleep, without waking him. Apparently he was full of suspense though, because when I crept into his house (and yes, that does sound creepy) he greeted me with, "It's about time!" I almost died in fright.

We rebagged the balloons and in a mad, mad rush ran them back across the yards, from his place to ours in the pitch black and freezing night, and got them into our garage without so much as a *click* of the door. Once I carefully tippy-toed the bags into the house, I took them downstairs and let them out of their bags. God must have heard the loud praying because nobody woke up during my decorating, not even Trevor - and I was 5 feet from his head.

I separated the balloons and took the first 30 upstairs. I trimmed their little ribbons and let them loose up to our ceiling. It was a mess of Nebraska red-and-white glory in the great room, I'll give you that. My heart was racing as I worked and prayed for him to stay asleep. The other balloons were tucked out of the way until the next part of my plan.

I creeped back upstairs, cleaned up the trimmed ribbons (which Bo and Kiki thought were super awesome toys at midnight) and went back to bed. Sort of. I laid there in anticipation of the next part of my plan until about 4am.

At 4am I got up again, and again I tippy-toed out of our room without clicking the door or breathing very loudly, and got the last 9 balloons from downstairs. [There were 9 because we lost one in Dave's house; Bryon will be forever 39 in terms of balloons.] I trimmed the ribbons, whisper-yelled at the cats, and then crept back down the hallway holding the balloons. I hoped that he wouldn't be awake and sitting up in the bed when I tippy-toed back in because seeing your spouse at 4am with a handful of balloons and a psycho smile on their face will stock your therapy for life.

He was sound asleep so I positioned the balloons on the ceiling just over Bryon's head. And then I tried desperately to sleep for the next two hours until he woke up.

At 6am, he fluttered his gorgeous eyelashes open and then got a very puzzled look on his face. "Are those balloons?" He thought those 9 baby blue balloons (Carolina Tarheels, yo) were pretty sweet.

Then he got up to wake the boys for school and I waited in the hallway for him to see the rest. He passed me 3 times. He picked up the cat, he shouted at Trevor, giggled at Andy. And then finally, finally he looked over my head to see the other 30 red and white (Huskers, say what?) balloons floating through the room. "Did you get me 40 balloons?"

"Yes, I did," I said.

"That's pretty cool," he said, and curled his whiskers into my neck.

As it turns out, on his birthday Bryon smiled a lot. We cried some as we leafed through photos of his dad and then mine. We danced in the kitchen and made pork ribs on the grill in the garage. Plans of a weekend bash with 30 peeps in the backyard got hosed when the ice, snow and 30-degree weather settled in. But it was awesome anyway. AWESOME.

And several days of vacation left, full of home projects and fun, dirty pig s ex. Sorry, Mom.

April 18, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. New frosting ideas for the most darling little cupcakes. I really must invest in a tip or two.

2. I loved the idea of letting kids draw and color in their own images - and then turning that into a 3D "town" with popsicle sticks.

3. Amazing reading nook (in a more amazing chair).

4. An outdoor tent room is my dream.

5. The lake house we visit is in dire need of this treatment this summer. Oh my!

6. The layers and clogs and sooooo 1980's poly skirt. Just love.

7. I am in love with this cart for storage in a dining room or library.

8. This outfit is a great combo: classy tapestry-styled skirt, booties, scarf, and striped shirt.

9. We need some book storage in our place. I love this colorful and modular unit, and definitely the gallery above.

10. Such beautiful knickers.

11. The girls' room might need one of these darling crafts.

12. Oh Misha Lulu, you stop my heart with wonderfulness.

13. Little girl room storage. Squee!

14. Such a beautifully-composed photo. I want one just like it.

15. Elsie Larson recently painted lyrics on her bedroom wall and I just swooned when I saw the project.

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