April 29, 2013

Happy Monday, Yo!

Happy Monday, my good peeps. This weekend was... amazing. Honestly. Not what I expected but amazing.  I had some tremendous headaches as a result of the spike in temperature but the warming and sunshine associated with that brightened my mood right up, don't you know? We opened all the windows in the house and aired it out and my plants were super excited about that.

My husband and I decided to spend some time missing each other on Saturday. It's good to do that and we don't, often. So he took the kids fishing (minus Hayley who had a big birthday party) and I was left alone to do my own thing.

[Fishing count: Trevor, 1 - Andrew, 1 - Dad, 1 - and Mabel, 4]

My thing included cleaning my new vintage clogs, going tanning, visiting a Sephora alone for the first time in years, buying the kids flip flops, enjoying a jaunt through Michael's without scolding someone, and stopping for luxurious ice cream - just for me. I had also planned to sew and stop at my favorite thrifts, but I ran out of time. I ended the afternoon with a couple of glasses of Moscato with my mother in law. Bryon and I lit a fire at home (yes that's what I mean) and then I started the evenings' backyard bonfire my very own self. Where our friends came over, we played the music nice and loud, the kids ate s'mores, and my husband brought out the weenies just so I could roast one up all black, with a slice of cheese - just the way I like it at nearly midnight. All in all, glorious Saturday.

Also this weekend, I managed to find the exact teeth whitening gel that I used years ago, when I worked at a dentist office. I made some molds of my teeth and tried it out again this weekend. Coffee stains sort of 'stick' differently when you get older, kids. Anyway, Nite White (which is now Zoom) still works like a charm. I used the 22% gel and with only two applications, my smile is already brighter. Coffee, be gone!

Bo is growing. Can we all take a moment to look at him and say, "Wow" ? Great, now lets all take a moment to look at him and say, "Stop jumping on mama and daddy's heads in the middle of the night, mmm-kay?"  Thanks. Repetition is key.

The boys helped our neighbor clear branches Saturday morning. He owns a lawncare business and needed some muscle, so they tagged along. They worked for firewood, so it was perfect! I'm very proud of them for helping. I can't believe how big little Trevvy Trev is getting. Ugh. He's a man-child. Handsome, though.

Tonight we are hoping to do some more yard work before the weather changes again. Today is another 70 degree day, but the next week will be 40's. Suckola!

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