April 11, 2013

His Name is Bo(cephus)

The 'Things I Love' feature will be delayed a day this week, whilst I lament on about a sweet and small feline.

Last week I saw on Facebook that a local cat rescue organization had two kittens in need of good forever homes. I emailed the gal immediately and filled out all of the paperwork. We went to see them: a boy and a girl, 8 weeks old. Mabel loved them so much that she tooted while she played.

The boy chose us and we chose him right back. Must not have been afraid of Mabel toots. He came home with us on Friday evening. Since then he's spent time as Bo and as Simon, and even toyed with Linus and Rex.

His legs are LOOOOONG. His tail is even longer. White paws and gray/brown tabby markings. He has a delicate but persistent voice and jumped into the toilet on Friday night. ("Rach, wake up. He's covered in my urine!" my husband says to me at 4am.) Ornery. Unafraid. Loves the toots.

So we think he seems more like a Bocephus.

Whatever his name is, he's already ours. Everyone loves him.

Well, maybe not everyone.

By Sunday, Kiki allowed him to be within feet of her. By yesterday, they were sitting side by side and that worked out well, as long as Bo didn't try to touch her. I'm so proud of her for not eating the baby.

Precious little Bobo.

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