April 24, 2013

Lucky Redux on Weddennessday

So the other day while my hubby and I were on our staycation, we stopped at the store for a few things. While Pinterest is my fave, I still enjoy leafing through a magazine for ideas - and the most recent Lucky was a-shoutin' my name. I mean would you just look at 40-something Julie Bowen on the cover? Wow.

I hadn't had the magazine 5 minutes and already had to take pictures of my favorite ideas.These are only a few. I also snapped one of myself to compare to previous self portraits of hair growth. Sigh. Piss poor growth so far. Come on, follicles!

Our vacation was wunderbar. We have some things going on in life right now that are trying to piss us off, but God is awesome. Our faith in him prevails and we are GREAT. Kids are GREAT. Devil can kiss my hiner. Our vacation was a great reminder of why we are us and how in love we are. I asked my husband recently what he loved most about us right now. He always giggles and mentions nookie (is that how you spell nookie?), but this time he added that he loves that we are STILL best friends. After 3 years we still enjoy spending just as much time together as we did back then. We still love to be around one another and make the choice to involve the other in almost everything. It was precious to hear him say that because it's girl-speak a bit, isn't it? Guys have trouble articulating things like that for our pink hearts, so I was thankful that he did it.

Hayley just returned from a 5 day vacation to Florida. She had a great time, so long as you don't ask her about theme park rides. Generally speaking, they are "scary" and she doesn't like them.

Trevor is attending a weekly football practice every Wednesday morning to hone in on the skills and plays he'll need to know this fall. He loves it.

Mabel's gymnastics evaluation was last week. While Hayley's recreational class eval takes place during the regular class, the gym handles their competing littles differently. Mabel's eval was on a different night and lasted 3 hours. Thirty littles showed up in their darling leotards and they tested everything from cartwheels to balance beam, vault to trampoline, bars, and eyeball crossing. Results will be in tonight and we suspect that she will test as a beginner. After all, she is a beginner at this Petite Elite thing. We're so proud of both of our girls.

Some of you may have watched the news recently and saw that our area of the country was hit with one heck of a winter storm two weeks ago. Four days after our first bonfire and 65 degree day, of course. We had 2" of ice followed by 8" of snow. Winds topped 40 mph. It was cah-RAZY. Then a week later it happened all over again. So we have tons of snow. It's almost May for pity's sake. The weatherman promised it would hit 70 degrees this weekend, but he also said the Farmer's Almanac promised one more winter storm next week. Greeeeaaaatttt. Grass will be hella green!

Little Bocephus is blending in nicely with our family. He and the Kikers are getting along just swimmingly now, wrestling at all times including the middle of the night. He's a pistol, that Bo. And he loves his mama. You ask anyone in the house who his favorite is and they will tell you how he loves everyone equally - except for Mama. He loves on me something fierce. Which is strange because I wasn't the first to touch him, feed him, hold him, or anything like that. But since he came home with us, sitting on my chest and licking my face is his favorite thing to do. He follows me all around the house. Guess I must just look like a mama. I'll take it.

I won an ebay auction while on vacation - for a vintage pair of Swedish Hasbeen clogs. I am so elated, I cannot explain it to you. But my honey rooted me on and I sniped them at the last minute - paying less than 1/3 of their retail cost. Total score!

Big fishing plans this weekend if the weather holds. Cross your fingers!

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  1. You got the Hasbeens!! sweeeet!! (I want some. :) )
    I am so glad to finally see your hair! and guess what- I like it!

    oh, and I am so glad you are safe from falling ice, snow... whatever. :)