April 5, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Really I must have some Instagram photos printed.

2. I love this gray interior paint: Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478

3. Adorable. Black, white, and camel brown.

4. Homemade tostadas? Yes please.

5. Still with the boyfriend jean, heels, and slouchy sweater.

6. This vintage cross stitch sampler has my heart racing.

7. This is another dream closet look.

8. I saw this on Pinterest and thought of how easy it would be to stitch through photos. Also, printing on fabric. Just so many possibilities.

9. You all won't believe me, but I still love to look at scrapbook pages. This was a recent favorite. Eventually I will get back into it.

10. These are receiving blankets, but a larger version would make a spectacular lap quilt, with embroidered edges.

11. Ricotta, walnut, pear, and honey on toast. Wow.

12. Homemade chalk paint with a small paintbrush... holy potential.

13. I love this boho pony and braid.

14. Oh little girls' room, I love you so.

15. Black maxi skirt, chambray shirt, and glitzy necklace? Love this look.

16. Have you heard about the 52 Lists Project? You'll see more of that in this space soon.

17. I found a link to 10 indoor plants you can't kill.

18.  Isiah 41:10

19. Dear Ali Edwards, please stop being so awesome – I can’t handle the inspiration!!! I kid, I kid. I love Ali. I met her in Michigan at a scrap class she was holding. I adore this project and am very strong considering hauling out my goods to complete it. It’s really that awesome.

20. I am crazy about a DIY for designing your own little girl leggings with fabric paint!  Foam stamp + fabric paint + pair of Target leggings for $5 = VOILA. Cuteness!

21. Me + The Black Hills of South Dakota = A Total Love Affair. [Apparently this post is also a worded math lesson.] Even as a child, I had such respect and fascination with Native Americans. I grew up in Shawnee territory, visited Serpent Mound a hundred times, and then - to walk through the Badlands and the prairies where they so prominently stood... oh my. Such loveliness. I would love a fringe necklace or a beautiful feathered headband for Mabel. Just an amazing piece of history that should never, never be forgotten.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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