April 26, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. What I love is that this wonderful and honorable tribesman is saying the exact same thing God does in the Bible. Because it's true.

2. I need me a bundt pan! Look how easy this looks!

3. Rubyellen Bratcher posted this on her website and I fell in love with it.

4. Baked donuts? Hell yes.

5. I love this midcentury chair, the plants, and the graphic pillow. I really must get some black and white going.

6. Washi tape frames - this is perfect for one of the littles' rooms!

7. Buffalo chicken/shrimp tacos. Tried them and LOVE them.

8. The Ways You Can Cleanse For Spring - that's the title of the latest 52 week challenge. Have you thought about what can leave your closet? How about your life? What are you holding onto that is dragging you down?

9. Already number 9 and I'm just now posting an outfit? Wow. I must be coming down with something. I love this faded denim shirt with the glitz of sequins on that skirt. LOVE.

10. Here's another Rubyellen thing - a planner! I need one of these in my life.

11. Tildon. When I saw this jacket on HappilyGrey a few weeks ago and gasped out loud, I immediately looked it up. It's by Tildon and was on clearance at Nordstrom's. Can't say as I'd ever bought anything from Nordstrom's before - but now I can. With the weather finally breaking, I can't wait to wear this deconstructed jacket.

12. I love these plates. Whimsical and vintage looking - AND still white enough to remain a neutral tone in the kitchen.

13. Little girl room idea! Love the tassels and the vintage bedding. And those teddies!

14. Misha Lulu will forever steal my heart. I wish I was a millionaire because I'd buy it all up for both of my girls. Still, it inspires me to start sewing again.

15. Rubyellen has a hammock in her living room. And I dream about lying in one just like it all the time.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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