May 30, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. I'm really hoping to find a few pull-on dresses for the summer. The one above looks like it would be soooo easy to make. The time to do so might not be so easy to find, though.

2. I love these Hasbeen Emy boots. I'll be hawking a pair of clog boots come fall and these are a top contender.

3. Not ashamed to tell you peeps that I happened to be on the JCrew website when this lovely lady was unveiled one week. I loved it immediately and got all gooky. I had just enough money left on some return gift cards, so I splurged. When my order notification showed up, it said the item was backordered until July. Not thrilled about that - however - within hours, I noticed that this item no longer appeared on their website at all in this color. It had thoroughly sold out. Guess I can still pick 'em.

4. Love this hair. LOVE.

5. A list of childhood and current dream jobs? Totally cool!

6. This outfit is a bit on a casual side, but looks perfect for a weekend. Or camping at the lake. Boy howdy.

7. I'm sure whoever the designer is that created these darling little person jeans, is very creative and clever. There are no match for me, though, because in my brain, this is a pair of pink jeans from Target for $12 with orange, red, and blue Rit dye splashed around. Amen.

8. Creamed cauliflower soup? I wish.

9. We are eating healthier in our house this summer, and this avocado and romaine salad fits the bill perfectly!

10. This isn't our bedroom, but it looks exactly like it. Except for the chandelier fixture and the fur. THIS is awesome!

11. I wish I had an old fashioned butler's pantry.

12. I'm hunting for two bureaus for our home, and I love the styling of this one.

13. Chalkboard on canvas? Oh my, the possibilities!

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May 28, 2013

Backyard Project

Bryon and I have added another project to our list: upgrading the back yard. We spend so much time out there as a family that it's time to love on that part of our home.

We have plans to add at least 2 birch trees and to remove the swingset this year.

Here are some other images that I've Pinned, that are serving as a major source of inspiration:

May 23, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Love this cardigan, lace blouse and thick necklace. Great combination.

2. Summer of The Hat, I'm telling you.

3. The floors and metal in this kitchen are breathtaking. And the white subway tile? OMGAH.

4. Rug, Eames, midcentury bureau and plants - stick that in front of an industrial window and I might pass out.

5. Hello, delicious top from JCrew that I totally and absolutely did spend my gift card on.

6. Pom pom blankets? Squeee!!!

7. I wish I had the space for these paper rolls for the kids. How clever!

8. Love these graphic pillows. Wow.

9. I also love these pillows, which are a DIY using photo transfer paper onto fabric. I think the Black Hills will be printed in our house.

10. The tee. Oh my word, the tee.

11. If anyone has ever wondered about my dream brunch, this is it.

12. Hey, Jessica Stroup - I am going to steal your hair in about 2 months. Just so you know.

13. Pinterest has about 1,000 good purposes and finding this watercolor hair pigment is definitely one of them. All of the girls in our house are going to have some cool-assed hair this summer. I'm thinking purple pour moi.

14. If you've ever considered Hasbeens, save up and take the chance. They are remarkably comfortable. Really. I adore my vintage pair, scored on eBay for a fraction of the price.

15. Camping cabin - LOVE.

16. This delicate dress is exactly my thought for the summer. Hope I can find one!

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May 21, 2013


My big girl accomplished something this weekend: she touched fish. It was only last summer that she touched  a worm for the first time. This week while at the lake, she touched a live minnow. She probably wouldn't have, but little sister made such a NON big deal about it that she felt like she pretty well had to join in with the poking and pretend to like it.

After the 6 crappie came home and swam their last in the big, red bucket, Hayley poked one of them, too. Again, she probably wouldn't have, but everyone took a turn holding the fish by the lips, in the proper "expert angler" sort of way. And since they were already dead and not flip-flopping, it made being courageous a lot easier. Even then, she didn't want to. Encouraged by me, no. Not even her dad. It wasn't until Mabel picked them up and poked their eyes and made their mouths talk that Hayley felt compelled to get on with it. I mean, if the five year old was going to be big and brave then the eight year old had better as well.

I couldn't be prouder of Hayley. She was motivated by her siblings in a completely safe environment, and she dug down deep to find the courage to do something a little outside of her comfort zone. Way to go, big girl. Love you.

A Heavy Heart

I turned on the news for a while last night to catch up on the day's events and to find out what happened with that possible tornado I'd heard about while waiting for Andy's dentist appointment.

I had no idea what I was about to see on the screen and, Folks, my heart broke clean in two.

Dead children under a school? More kids missing? Teachers laying across little bodies to keep them from flying away? It was just too much. I had to turn off the television and simply pray.

Even this morning, I am deep in thought about it. I am still stunned. Just... stunned.

Can you imagine how the parents are feeling? How that community is feeling? What do you say when this happens, when there is no 'bad guy' to blame the scary things on? Nobody made a choice for this to happen, yet our God never makes a single mistake. We must trust that He has and will continue to weave this for His glory.

But I am heartbroken for them. Please help me surround them in prayer.

And also, please pray for those in Texas today, because another line of these suckers are heading straight their way. I texted Lulu when I got up this morning to be sure she kept her eye on the weather.

How frightened those children - and adults - must have been. But how elated they certainly were to see their King waiting for them with open arms when they reached Heaven.

Oh my.

May 20, 2013

A Weekend With Fishing

We had a GREAT weekend. Check it out, yo:

9 crappie (6 of which stayed on the hook and came home with us)
1 northern pike
1 muskie
1 sunfish

Andrew and Mabel didn't catch anything this time, but they were content to play on the playground and on the beach. This time we packed lunches and went for the day to a state park, just 20 miles away. The weather was thick and about 80 degrees, with a lovely breeze. The kids stayed busy enough that Bryon and I could actually enjoy the fishing as well.

Hayley touched her first minnow (proudly shown to her by little sister) AND she touched her first fish. Like, ever. It was a big weekend. More on that later.

Mabel explored the fish and massaged their eyeballs and gills whilst they waited for cleaning. She picked each one of them up and felt their tongues and introduced them to the yard. Their little dead fishy bodies were very interesting and she was thoroughly unafraid. She also said a prayer of thanks to God for the fish in the water to feed us. I'm pretty sure she's ready to go bowhunting next.

In the end, we cleaned and filleted 6 crappie, which yielded 12 small fillets. We froze them with big plans to catch lots more of their little fishy friends for a good old fashioned fish fry!