May 20, 2013

A Weekend With Fishing

We had a GREAT weekend. Check it out, yo:

9 crappie (6 of which stayed on the hook and came home with us)
1 northern pike
1 muskie
1 sunfish

Andrew and Mabel didn't catch anything this time, but they were content to play on the playground and on the beach. This time we packed lunches and went for the day to a state park, just 20 miles away. The weather was thick and about 80 degrees, with a lovely breeze. The kids stayed busy enough that Bryon and I could actually enjoy the fishing as well.

Hayley touched her first minnow (proudly shown to her by little sister) AND she touched her first fish. Like, ever. It was a big weekend. More on that later.

Mabel explored the fish and massaged their eyeballs and gills whilst they waited for cleaning. She picked each one of them up and felt their tongues and introduced them to the yard. Their little dead fishy bodies were very interesting and she was thoroughly unafraid. She also said a prayer of thanks to God for the fish in the water to feed us. I'm pretty sure she's ready to go bowhunting next.

In the end, we cleaned and filleted 6 crappie, which yielded 12 small fillets. We froze them with big plans to catch lots more of their little fishy friends for a good old fashioned fish fry!

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