May 21, 2013


My big girl accomplished something this weekend: she touched fish. It was only last summer that she touched  a worm for the first time. This week while at the lake, she touched a live minnow. She probably wouldn't have, but little sister made such a NON big deal about it that she felt like she pretty well had to join in with the poking and pretend to like it.

After the 6 crappie came home and swam their last in the big, red bucket, Hayley poked one of them, too. Again, she probably wouldn't have, but everyone took a turn holding the fish by the lips, in the proper "expert angler" sort of way. And since they were already dead and not flip-flopping, it made being courageous a lot easier. Even then, she didn't want to. Encouraged by me, no. Not even her dad. It wasn't until Mabel picked them up and poked their eyes and made their mouths talk that Hayley felt compelled to get on with it. I mean, if the five year old was going to be big and brave then the eight year old had better as well.

I couldn't be prouder of Hayley. She was motivated by her siblings in a completely safe environment, and she dug down deep to find the courage to do something a little outside of her comfort zone. Way to go, big girl. Love you.

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