May 2, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Sadly, I think it will be next January before I see this much length. I think I'll just stick with this for a while. After I stick to getting it that far, that is. Someone remind me of how much I hate growing out my hair the next time I start talking about chopping it off.

2. Spring twigs in a pickle jar, that's what I want for Mother's Day.

3. Love these feather crafts - arrow tops maybe?

4. Not sure where the obsession with arrows came from, but I love the 'direction' message. What direction are YOU pointed in?

5. Layers peeking. My favorite.

6. Sequins and sparkles, oh my!

7. We really must start saving our TP tubes. Way too cute. And FREE!

8. I'm hoping that I can thrift a few of these lacy, vintage tops this summer.

9. Thanks to Dos Family, Hayley Noelle has a Halloween plan already.

10. Great lesson here.

11. I have a MK&A obsession. I didn't when they were little, but I did once they started boho-ing themselves all over the place. I love Ashley's style here, and here hair and eye makeup are gorgeous.

12. I'm hoping to turn my plans into reality and sew up some skirts for myself this summer.

13. Mabel might need an animal parade at her next birthday party.

14. I love this living room. The midcentury coffee table, the rug, and the fiddle leaf figs. Le sigh.

15. Listing your essentials. I should. Have you?

16. I love this take on denim repair. I'm keen to find a few more pairs in need of this treatment at my local thrift.

17. Fur vest, graphic tee, boyfriend denim. Check, check, and check. And spectacular hair.

18. I'd really love to hang one of these beneath our deck when it is built. So cozy.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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