May 23, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Love this cardigan, lace blouse and thick necklace. Great combination.

2. Summer of The Hat, I'm telling you.

3. The floors and metal in this kitchen are breathtaking. And the white subway tile? OMGAH.

4. Rug, Eames, midcentury bureau and plants - stick that in front of an industrial window and I might pass out.

5. Hello, delicious top from JCrew that I totally and absolutely did spend my gift card on.

6. Pom pom blankets? Squeee!!!

7. I wish I had the space for these paper rolls for the kids. How clever!

8. Love these graphic pillows. Wow.

9. I also love these pillows, which are a DIY using photo transfer paper onto fabric. I think the Black Hills will be printed in our house.

10. The tee. Oh my word, the tee.

11. If anyone has ever wondered about my dream brunch, this is it.

12. Hey, Jessica Stroup - I am going to steal your hair in about 2 months. Just so you know.

13. Pinterest has about 1,000 good purposes and finding this watercolor hair pigment is definitely one of them. All of the girls in our house are going to have some cool-assed hair this summer. I'm thinking purple pour moi.

14. If you've ever considered Hasbeens, save up and take the chance. They are remarkably comfortable. Really. I adore my vintage pair, scored on eBay for a fraction of the price.

15. Camping cabin - LOVE.

16. This delicate dress is exactly my thought for the summer. Hope I can find one!

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  1. You are killing me with the Hasbeens. Of course we want them!