May 30, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. I'm really hoping to find a few pull-on dresses for the summer. The one above looks like it would be soooo easy to make. The time to do so might not be so easy to find, though.

2. I love these Hasbeen Emy boots. I'll be hawking a pair of clog boots come fall and these are a top contender.

3. Not ashamed to tell you peeps that I happened to be on the JCrew website when this lovely lady was unveiled one week. I loved it immediately and got all gooky. I had just enough money left on some return gift cards, so I splurged. When my order notification showed up, it said the item was backordered until July. Not thrilled about that - however - within hours, I noticed that this item no longer appeared on their website at all in this color. It had thoroughly sold out. Guess I can still pick 'em.

4. Love this hair. LOVE.

5. A list of childhood and current dream jobs? Totally cool!

6. This outfit is a bit on a casual side, but looks perfect for a weekend. Or camping at the lake. Boy howdy.

7. I'm sure whoever the designer is that created these darling little person jeans, is very creative and clever. There are no match for me, though, because in my brain, this is a pair of pink jeans from Target for $12 with orange, red, and blue Rit dye splashed around. Amen.

8. Creamed cauliflower soup? I wish.

9. We are eating healthier in our house this summer, and this avocado and romaine salad fits the bill perfectly!

10. This isn't our bedroom, but it looks exactly like it. Except for the chandelier fixture and the fur. THIS is awesome!

11. I wish I had an old fashioned butler's pantry.

12. I'm hunting for two bureaus for our home, and I love the styling of this one.

13. Chalkboard on canvas? Oh my, the possibilities!

All images are Pinned for sources.

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