May 3, 2013

Weddennessday on Friday

The inch of snow on the ground this week was every bit as depressing as it looks. I am disgusted and done with the cleansing. Let's move on to green already. It's May for pity's sake!!!

Trevor is loving his weekly football conditioning. It keeps him ready for the fall, when he will try out for football for the first time instead of being on the recreational league. He will do well; I have no worries. I am concerned, however, about his ability to attend the required summer camps. I'm in prayer about that because there are some other issues going on related to the kids' summer visit right now and I'm hopeful that one will resolve the other. Anyway, football ahoy.

I miss my mama. I dreamed last night that I lived with her again and she said to me, "I feel like dying soon so please, let's do whatever wrap-up that you have in mind here on earth." Frightening. I hate that she is so far away and I can't hug on her more often. I hate that so much. She is missing from me.

Snow on the ground also means that I cannot wear my new, vintage Hasbeens. I won them on eBay a couple of weeks ago and spent almost 2 hours cleaning them up. They are gorgeous and so much more comfortable than I imagined the wood would be. I want to wear them every day. It's really not a matter of temperature, but of moisture. I don't want to damage the leather or wood. Come on, Spring!

This week, while Husband went out for beers with The Boys, I made the best use of the natural light possible; I sewed. Sorry, please don't faint. I know you are as shocked as I was, but I did. I took that time to do some alterations on some shirts I've been holding on to. I am so tall that I usually order size large up top - or a 10 in tailored dress shirts. However, my body is a medium/8. So, I order the large, launder it, and then, sew it to fit. This is when I'd love to have a serger. Most of the time the seams are less than 3/4" raised so it really doesn't cause an issue. But there are times when I take in 2" of seam on each side and need to cut the fabric. Anyway. Yay for alterations!  PS: Alterations are a runway secret, and the way they make the clothes fit the mannequins so well - try it once!

Moscato is fanstastic. I had the opportunity last weekend to enjoy a glass with my mother-in-law and have dubbed it "momscato." That woman loves me and I love her right back. She was a bonus gift from God. Wish I could celebrate with both of my mama's this upcoming Mother's Day.

Maybe more sewing this weekend. I have a short list and I want to pace myself, one project at a time. I will be tempted to scratch the itch like mad once I get into the fabric store, but I need to go slowly. Each time I get into this I walk in a pick of a ton of things to make eleventy projects. And then life calls me away after one and I feel like I've failed creatively. That's horse pucky. We're going to try something new this time. I will probably begin with a skirt or two for the girls and alterations on the 4 pairs of pants in my closet that want to become summer shorts. Amen.

And Dear B: Thank you for loving me and working so hard to understand me, even when I sound like a batshit crazy rollercoaster. And I promise to love 17-yr old Bryon just as much as I love 40-yr old Bryon, too.

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