June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We were able to leave work a bit early on Friday and begin the weekend chores. Bryon wanted time to work on the house more than he wanted fishing, so that's what we all set out to do.

Except for Mabel. She was sleepy. With her eyes open. Ick.

She spent the majority of the weekend practicing her new skill. And crashing. And then getting up and practicing again. For the umpteen times she ate the grass, she didn't cry once.

Hayley was the funniest human speaker. Did you know that if you stick your earbuds up your nose and open your mouth, you're a speaker? Do it and watch your kiddo's face. Scientific AND priceless.

The weekend was hot. We were supposed to get storms, but they rolled through south of us. Instead we had the neighborhood children over to slip and slide, old school style.

Trevor and Bryon worked together the entire weekend. Trevor has more strength and capability now that he's getting older, and he likes to help and learn. They detailed my car and rebuilt the side steps, which had washed out in the torrential downpours last month. They also moved 3 shrubs and planted two trees. HOLLAH.

Even Mabel and Andy were getting along. She's so much like both boys - Andy finally has found someone to play Twisted Metal with, so he's in Heaven. I came in to find them lying quietly like this - both of them with legs crossed at the ankles (like their mama). I left them alone to play in peace. Sweetness.

Sunday was full of a 3 mile run for me, another 3 for Bryon and the girls (on bikes), and landscaping. I did manage to hang 2 of 4 plants as well. LOVE it. Our neighbor and my mother in law joined us for an amazing dinner: pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with apple coleslaw. Our eyes literally rolled back into our heads.

We are grateful to God for an amazing weekend - and we asked Him to give some fist bumps to Richard and Larry in Heaven as well.

And Dear B: Thank you for washing and detailing my car just for me. I know that you show love through acts of kindness and generosity and so I figure that you digging Mabel boogers off my car seats pretty much means you're in this for life. Thank you for saying, "I love you" with words, too. You're my favorite. And you are an AMAZING father. We are beyond blessed to have you. Thank you for everything you do for us.

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