June 3, 2013

On Monday in June

Hello, All.

This weekend was quite nice and went by too quickly. We slept in, wrapped in a knot - my husband and I, both Saturday and Sunday. Which is a great thing because he worked until midnight (and kept me up worrying over him) twice last week. We were just plumb exhausted. No other way to say it.

The kids have been doing great. The kids are here this summer, instead of with Shoes. Time will tell (actually, the Judge will tell) if that will change later this summer, but I truly think not. There are many concerns that need to be addressed before regular visits can be reestablished. It's been 3 years since we've had them through a summer and we are already making the most of the time fishing and sprinklering and so forth. I am thankful for those 3 years that we had alone, but honestly all 6 of us? THIS FEELS RIGHT. I love it. Love.

Both boys told us that they wanted to stay here. Now, we realize that kids go back and forth and we never ask them to choose. It is very normal to have both feelings after all. In fact, we ask them not to choose. However, both boys approached us separately and said they wanted to stay in Da Plains over the summer. They both had different reasons and I don't feel it would be appropriate to share all of those here. Suffice it to say, they are happy.

Trevor's football camps start in just over a week. He's a big time seventh grader now, so football is more competitive than it was on the recreational league. He will need these camps to establish his position and learn the plays before he goes out for the team. He'll do great. He and Bryon have been practicing almost nightly in the backyard.

Andy and Hayley are different kids. Neither of them have a "thing" yet. They ride bikes until their legs fall off and build lego houses that are very detailed. Frick and Frack without a doubt. Most recently, they've been making drawings and plans to build a half rainbow, half purple go cart. Can't WAIT to see how that goes.

Mabel Moo is busy at daycare. Her preschool ended, but they provide daycare over the summer. Every week she goes on a fieldtrip, to a movie, and to the pool twice. That's on top of a trip to the park every day, too. She just got invited to her first preschool birthday party - by a boy. We are worried about what this means for the future.

Plans are in full swing for more fishing (come on, weather!) and hanging out at neighbor D's lake house again this summer. It's already June and I'm really praying we have a hot summer. Kids need to be outside and this mama wants to lay on the beach at the lake!

I'm also making plans to renovate some of the interior design of our home, room by room. It's a slow project because it becomes easily interrupted by dinner or fishing plans, or whatever - but my brains are on fire with it all. Pinterest is there to be used, I say. Time to sort everything room by room and get busy!

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  1. So good to read this. All of it.

    And it inspires me to blog again. Lazy me!