June 5, 2013


*Buckle up; this is a hot one, straight out of the box.*

Look here, All. For the most part, we are a home with healthy eating habits. However, we do not eat perfectly. We had donuts on Sunday morning. Macaroni and cheese last week, too. However, we counter all 'sometimes' foods with fruits and vegetables at every meal. Lots of water consumption. We encourage all four kids to go outside and play until they are hot and pink and sweaty and need to shower. They aren't allowed snacks every day. We tell them to choose an apple or a handful of green beans over chips or a muffin for snack. Protein is king! We also teach them how to try new things like black beans and mushrooms, and they do. I am very proud of this; it works for our family. We do all of this because we are the parents in our house and this is how WE choose to do things.

Currently we have three children in various stages of growth. This hasn't presented the struggle in the kitchen that I was worried it would; we still eat like a healthy family. There are sometimes treats, oh yes - the donuts, for one. But it's about portion control and balancing that cooky donut with a cheese stick. I cook with whole wheat pasta, fresh fruits, and as few preservatives and dyes as I can manage on a budget - this works for everyone. Everyone eats the same, but portion sizes are adjusted as necessary. We also aren't afraid to talk about eating healthy in our house or about how that can mean different things for different bodies.

Also, let me tell you - no amount of healthy eating and exercise part time will counteract chocolate chip pancakes, a bag of Doritos, fast food, and saturated fats/carbohydrate-heavy meals elsewhere. Sorry that's inconvenient, but its just the way it works. So we hawk all four of our kids to eat healthy no matter where they are eating.


The weather is sort of shit. It's rained for weeks. We had 5 inches in one night about a week ago, and we've gotten 4 more since. Yesterday, an inch of rain poured out of the sky in about 45 minutes. The flow of water is insane to watch. But we are ready for hot. Please, God, bring the hot. Thank you for removing the drought of last summer, but please - bring it on.

My fishing skills are being polished. My dad would be so proud. While I only caught one crappie during our last outing, I practiced casting for seven hours. Hmpf. Standing on the lakeside or riverbed is quite peaceful. It's amazing to watch my husband just... breathe. He needs the relaxation.

Swedish Hasbeens are amazing. I have a vintage black pair (they're like buttah) and brand spanking new natural pair. The natural pair will take a little while to break in, I think. The vegetable leather is firm and thick for now. Both of my pairs are in the 'super high' category, which I actually think feel a bit low, in comparison to the heels I usually wear. I love them, and my girls are very, very curious about mom's wooden shoes. Love it.

Kiki VonPussel and Bocephus James are getting along just swimmingly. Bo is like, eighty feet long now. He is so long-legged we consider him a giraffe. This week I captured a picture of them resting together and posted it on Facebook. "I hope they're not coming down with something. Oh wait. They're cats." Right.

Already June. Wow.

The house stuff swimming in my head is huge, y'all. Room by room, I have ideas and plans swirling around. Conveniently enough, this matches with Pinterest's board categories. One of these nights I'm going to finally make time to sit down with my red moleskin journal and write all of them out. Then, look out!

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