July 23, 2013

4 Days

The children come home in 4 days. I'm very excited to see them and it sounds like they missed us too.

I was looking back through photos and realized how quickly they're growing. It's sad how fast every day passes. Where does time go exactly? How do we not spend every day squeezing the heck out of the ones we love, if we know we'll never get that day back?

Look at Trevvy Trev. He looks like a man-child. I am so proud of the man he's growing into!


How about little Roo? Still as goofy and grinny as ever, but so big now. This child is my heart.


And this peanut was literally a peanut a few years ago. Now she's a force. Try to hold that in your heart once!

Take the time to squeeze your littles, even if they're big now. Say the things you would say if today is your last day - because it could be!

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