July 24, 2013


Just 3 more sleeps until the littles return. I’ve done quite a bit of work on their rooms, so I can’t wait. More to come on that.

Hayley was over last night. We had to have a discussion on honesty and chores. Little Miss isn’t so fond of putting away laundry. Instead, she hides piles of clothes in clever spots around her room… which I found when making their beds. This is the third time this has happened after telling me she’d done the job. So we had to talk about what honesty and dependability mean. I leaned down to her level and I put my face in front of her face and said, “Remember how I’ve told you that I will NEVER lie to you, no matter what you ask, NEVER?”  (nodded head) “That’s what I expect from you, too. Every time. Never, never lie. It’s worse than anything else.” She nodded some more and then there were tears and hugs and giggles. She hugged me big and then wiped her eyes and took off in a flash because she said she wanted to write me a note. 

"My life wasn't complete without you and now [our] family and my life are complete. Love, Hayley"
Be. Still. My. Puppy-Licked. Heart!

She also made me a friendship bracelet this week.  

I really must do a post very soon on the plant hangers that Hales and I made recently. She loved it so much that she was inspired to go home and made umpteen friendship bracelets with the yarn and floss she had at mom’s. Way cool. WAY cool.

I also really must go running a bit more often. I’m ashamed to tell you how little I’ve done it this season. Should be zero excuses for that but often, it is exhaustion.

Bo doesn’t let me sleep much. He’s rocketing through the house every night, all night, or he’s licking my face all night long. He clearly favors his mama, though this doesn’t really come out until sleepy time. He also enjoys sleeping in between Bryon and I when we’re spooned and passed out tangled in a knot. Not acceptable, Feline. No, no, no.  And so between this rocketing and licking, he scratches the wicker hamper or fights with a small shadow all night long and makes SO. MUCH. NOISE. I can’t sleep with him moving about, but my husband can’t sleep with the door closed. Ergo, Bo is allowed the run of the house by his mama because my husband’s sleep means more to me than my own. Except I am thoroughly exhausted. It’s been several days of this now. I’m hoping that he’ll tour the kids’ rooms when he they get back and leave Mama alone. By the way, Kiki is thoroughly nonplussed by all of these events. She knows what night-night time is and sleeps soundly – in one place or another – all night long. Wish he’d get the drift.

Last night, Bryon, Hayley and I went to a new used furniture store. I typically don’t have much luck on Craigslist, but on a whim I searched and found a nearly-new round coffee table. Solid wood, perfect condition, for $39. We brought it home after I jumped up and down and fanned myself in excitement 37 times. The thrill of the hunt, I swear!

I have a new coordinator at work. She’s amazeballs. She has funky hair and a piercing or two, yet remains thoroughly professional when dealing with everyone. I really enjoy working with her and she is an enormous help to our department. Jesus gift right there.

And Dear B: I’m glad that my excitement over a vintage coffee table makes you love me. Your chest hair makes me entwined in you for life. Also, you're one hell of an alarm clock.

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