July 31, 2013


I would like to start off with a little school lesson this morning, if y’all don’t mind. Recently Mabel was scolded for calling Bryon “daddy.” That makes my heart sad. I will never mind that this person had absolutely no business whatsoever scolding my child for something she’s done… on her own… since age 2. And instead I’m going to take the high road on the internets today and post the Merriam-Webster definition of FATHER for all of you. Maybe someone will learn something.

1: a  a man who has begotten a child
     b (1) : god 1 (2) : the first person of the Trinity
3: one related to another in a way suggesting that of father to child

Mabel is very blessed that she has two daddies and she would like for it to stay that way. She loves the both the same and her heart is big enough to hold two after all. Anyone that doesn't like that can take it up with moi. Amen.

So the kids have been back in our house for 4 days. We put another 840 miles on the ‘burb to go pick them up and it was well worth it. That said, the quiet has gone. The cats are very happy that their little people are home and I think, quite possibly, that Bo missed being carried around the house by Moo. There has been a lot of laundry, wrestling, and iPod re-calibrating. Lots of giggling and hugging – oh my, the hugging. I could barely move in the house for the first two days, but for one of the kids outright attached to my body. Trevor is possibly the clingiest; he is super happy to be home. All 3 of them want eleventy hugs before bed. They have all asked to pray and sat on laps. It feels good to have been missed.

On Monday night, Mabel and her best friend Peyton decided to paint their fingernails without asking. They also painted their legs, their hair, the swingset, and the neighbor’s schnauzer. Good times. And I can’t wait until they are 15.

Our technology rules at home stand thusly: there is no open access to the internet (this includes email, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes or browsing) at ANY time by anyone that isn’t an adult. They can ask, obtain permission, and go on occasionally for homework purposes, to say hello to family and friends, or to look up fun things. Parental controls reign supreme. We restrict because WE ARE THE PARENTS and because little people Google things like naked people, toenail fungus, and text with anyone that contacts them, for fun. No. It might be okay at someone else’s house but it is not at ours. Also, we need to be picking up the phone to converse with people instead of relying so heavily on email and text. I’m not about to grow up another 4 kids who can’t communicate properly. No. Anyone who doesn't like it can take it up with moi. Amen. Again.

So for those of you monitoring the daily progress of my hair growth, how about an update? In February, I cut my hair into a pixie. Multiple reasons (go, hair health!) but overall, I couldn't get comfortable with the look. I've been growing it out ever since. Biotin works, Ladies.  So do prenatal vitamins, but I didn't have those. Last month, I had the back mullet chopped off and finally this week, I’ll go have it trimmed again into an actual haircut. The length will come up in the back just slightly, but it’s the right thing to do at this point. Also, while using my dry shampoo last night, I came across a very silver hair that ran the full length of my hair. My first reaction was disgust: the gray hair is spreading and I really must make a decision soon if I’ll dye it or not. My second reaction was positive ELATION when I realized the gray ran the full length of my hair. That means that any semi-permanent color that was residual on my hair from last year’s blonde has washed away. For the most part, my hair is virgin again. Wow. It’s been almost 3 years since the last time it had no dye or bleach. I think that’s pretty nifty. Also pretty nifty? I think it's been about 20 years since I didn't have bangs.

LifeLight is soon upon us. Bryon is chairing the committee with me again this year and we've been talking about it for weeks. He’s alllll about listening to Flyleaf, For King & Country, and the Rhett Walker Band this year. I love growing in the Lord alongside this man!

Hoping we can make it up to the lake at least one more time before the summer comes to a close. The unseasonably cool temperatures don’t make me want to jet ski, Peeps.

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