August 20, 2013

He's Eleven

Andrew George celebrated his 11th birthday this past weekend. He selected his favorite: yellow cake with chocolate frosting, with sprinkles and candles in the shape of an "A."

This, despite the fact that his Facebook account has his birthday incorrect (grrr to that).

This, despite the fact that he survived a pulmonary sequestration of the lung in utero and the subsequent thorocotomy and removal of this sequestration a week later.

This, despite the fact that he refuses a helmet most of the time, has to do everything his own way, hates to study, and would tell you honestly that I keep him alive in parking lots, even still.

Drew. Roo. Rooster. Oh, my Andy Bear. Lover of shiny things and anything fun and distracting.

This kid is different from any child I know and I. LOVE. THAT.  He is a quiet soul, observant, and determined. Brilliant at building and imagining. Hilarious at all times. Stubborn (a 2-day induction, thanks) and deliberate with every hug, every eyebrow flick. This one has a very important purpose from God. Every freckle is there for a reason. Once we all realize what it is, LOOK OUT. He is unstoppable.

I feel so blessed that he loves this mama.

Happy birthday, Andy. You make us better every day. *HUGS*

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