August 23, 2013

Small Projects - A Collection of My Favorites - 2

I have a lot of Pins, people. Many, many of them have to do with crafts or sewing. Here are more of my favorites, this time with the links!

1. I love this trend. Here, stud your own Converse!

2. Painted wooden spoons have been popping up forever and you know, I still haven't done it. I love it, though. No need for a link here - just collect some wooden spoods and dip them in food-safe paint! However, do beware of the dishwasher after that.

3. Kassie Bartow has an amazing tutorial (above) for gold foil triangles and I would LOVE to try this!

4. I've tried this before and I'm sure I will again: handwritten scripture or lyrics on a wall. This one is by Jenloveskev.

6. Hanging fringe? OHMYGAHHHHHWSOME. I actually don't have anything more than the Pin for this - but it would be easily accomplished by a dozen or two vintage tassels, or tassels from your favorite homegoods store - tied onto a stick. A STICK! Easy peasy!

7. Paper pieces from Ruffled Blog would be darling in an older child's room.

8. I love this handpainted wall on the Lepetitbirdtoldme blog. How easy would this be?

9. If you are like me you love things in batches. Why make a couple pom poms when you can make 216? Here, Make pom poms in bulk.

10. From Poppy's Closet and easily duplicated at home with an elastic headband and sequined hearts or stars. Or birds. Or anything.

12. DIY planters with gold leaf foil are great for outside (you'll need a clear coat afterward) or inside.

13. Cassmillerblog has a great tutorial for a handmade headband. I love this. Thrift store, hello?!

14. If you're like me you really want to make granny squares. How about Granny hexes in less than 10 minutes?

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