August 12, 2013

Swinging. In Heels.

Last week while the kids were outside playing, Mabel grabbed her hot pink convertible and headed outside. Seeing her in a pair of sunglasses and plastic heels is sort of a regular thing around these parts. Like, all the time. Like, I have to remind her that we're not allowed to wear plastic heels to the supermarket please. [Though she's escaped the house in them a few times.]

Maybe she sees her mom wear heels almost every day? Hmmm. Perhaps.

Maybe she's just Mabel, wearing her heels while she runs down the street, digs holes, and swings on the swing. My girl is simply proving that you can be a lady and still get stuff done.

And so, August. Oh, August. I have a love/hate relationship with the month of August. I adore the weather, the smell of freshly sharpened No.2 pencils and school supply shopping, and the 'almost' of football season. However, August looks like this in our house, which makes me CAH-RAZY:

This week will be the worst week of all, with school orientations and football kick-off meetings, practice, school starts for 3 of them, and also AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

I had a migraine this weekend, brought on by sitting too close to the smoke of our bonfire Friday night. So Saturday morning I spent listening to The Golden Girls and looking out of this window, while my husband trooped the kids around the grocery store alone. Man needs a medal for that one.

And this, well... Mabel wanted to use the earbuds with her Innotab. She didn't specify that she wanted to use them in her ears, though. She must have remembered that you can make yourself a speaker. I guess. Ha!

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