August 15, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Scarf and glasses with beach hair and bare decollette? OMG. Wow.

2. This tank top has to be an easy DIY and would look smashing on top of a more modest tank.  Love this outfit.

3. This silver Eames-era shell chair passed me out cold.

4. Grilled corn with chili powder, cilantro, lime, and queso fresco. Boy howdy.

5. Great dresser and awesome styling on top. That geometric lamp is amazing, too.

6. I'm posting a photo tutorial on this because I don't think you ladies realize how easy and gentle this method is for creating waves in your hair. It's fun and free. Work some product in and try it! It's especially awesome to rinse your hair on like, day 4, and then do it with product. Super curl hold, but soft and clean, too.

7. I dream of a pedestal sink and white subway tile in my house. I also dream of a vintage mirror that looks like the fan on the left. Wowsers.

8. So much awesome going on here. Love the ikat print, the variety of prints on the linens, that quilt makes me want to pass out, and the light. Oh, that light.

9. After seeing this photo, I've set out to create this outfit out of a maxi skirt, a sweatshirt, and a vintage lace camisole.

10. Beautiful cabinet and styling on top. Posters just make me swoony.

11. Dear pillow with a little pink, please come live at my beach house. When I have one, that is.

12. Insane in the membrane comfy outfit. Love.

13. Finally a flower vase idea that doesn't leave me certain the the cats will knock it off the counter. This sucker looks very heavy down below.

14. Me thinks that tutu needs to come out of the closet for date night. With a black blazer. Yup yup.

15. Years ago I made a quilt for Nana and I transferred the kids' drawings onto fabric to use in that quilt. This has to be a similar process. I smell a huge DIY.

16. Wicked cool home. Love the deep wood floor, the animal hide rug, and the retro afghan. Even the pillow is super cute.

17. This is a reason to allow Mabel's hair to grow as long as she wants it.

18. One day about 8 years ago, I had a fancy pantry with custom built-ins that looked exactly like this. I miss that pantry.

19. This is a beautiful reason to keep antlers around.

20. Okay, okay, I realize this is sarcastic. And honestly, I'm not sure I could wear this to work. But hot damn, I love this tank.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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