August 1, 2013

Things I Love

1. Arrows are a more prominent obsession of mine lately. They point you in the direction you need to go, like God's want for our lives. Obedience, following. Effort.

2. Oh, boho braid and ripped up tee, I love you.

3. These wire chairs would be amazeballs on my back patio. Yes, I did just say that.

4. I love the beaded plant hanger. Texture up the wazoo.

5. There are a few things I love about this photo: the black Eames-style shell chair for sure, but also the linear framework on the wall, and the hot pink legs. Oh, the hot pink legs. That's a jolt of modern that I positively adore.

6. I think every woman should own a baggy shift dress that shows off her legs. Wearing it with killer booties is just the icing on the cake.

7. I'm very inspired by this breezy bedroom. The bed curtains make me swoony. The lamp, the headboard.

8. Yes, yes I know it's early. But I looove these!

9. I love the mix of patterns in this outfit.

10. I've become Judy. I loooove these rings. I'd wear every single one of them, especially the large, square turquoise and the large silver next to it. That Native American Indian bust is beautiful as well.

11. Halfsie boot with an exposed zipper? Oh. My. GAH.

12. What you see here (minus the purse because I never carry one) is a dream summer outfit. I'd add another tank underneath for modesty purposes, though.

13. *Cue charm music. I had a brain wave when I saw this, People. I very, very much want some stickly cactus, but I'm worried about the cats. They're kind of stupid (the cats, not the cactus) and I don't want them to put their eyes out being...cats. This is a great idea!

14. I know someone who has a birthday next month. While I won't spray paint all of the horses pink, I might cover her cake with them!

15. I love this kitchen. The open shelving is awesome (though my cats would be living in there) and the culinary-grade stainless appliances made my heart skip a beat. And that picture? Wow.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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