August 28, 2013


Did anyone else notice that my blog turned SIX this summer?  Holy freaking crap, Batman. I have been blogging for longer than Mabel has been on this earth. If I had more time, I’d plan a blog celebration and do a ton of giveaways, because that is the blogging thing to do. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do that and I consider it an absolute achievement that I’ve kept up with this blog during all of the crazy and insanely busy bursts of my life over the past six years. I’m grateful that I still have readers. Some of you have been reading since the beginning. Some of you remember the photo of my pregnant belly sitting in Mabel’s room at the 2548 house. Crazy! Some of you remember how our family fell apart, then grew stronger and closer with Christ, then moved to Da Plains to begin again. Of course the wedding – oh, the wedding! And now, here we are and I have a seventh grader. Time goes too fast. What I want to say more than anything else is THANK YOU.

So I need to tell you all something kind of huge. I have changed the way I’m eating. By a lot. My tummy has felt terrible for 20 years, People. It’s time to try something new. Since the most common things that exacerbate IBS symptoms are gluten, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy - - I am now following the Paleo dietary standards for eating. This is often referred to as Paleolithic or “caveman” eating because well, we don’t eat anything that a caveman wouldn’t (well, plus electricity). I cook and eat lean meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. While some Paleolithics restrict their amount of calories for athletic training, I am not. I just make healthier choices than I ever have before and wait until I am hungry to eat.  Removing wheat from my diet makes it similar to gluten-free eating, except I take it a step further and omit ALL grains, not just wheat. So… no wheat, corn, oats, or rice. Removing legumes is sad because I miss beans. However, they contain lectin, which is TERRIBLY HARD to digest. Many Paleos don’t eat dairy either, but I’ve chosen to allow eggs and cheese for now. They are a great source of protein and don’t cause me IBS symptoms. There will be other foods that I have to add and subtract as my IBS dictates. This is a lifestyle and it is forever; it is not a diet. I’m already sharing it with our entire family, gradually reducing the amount of grains that are offered at each meal in an effort to promote more vegetables. It’s been almost three weeks and I feel healthier. By a LOT. My IBS symptoms have lessened dramatically, I feel thinner, and I just feel more balanced.  Folks, I haven’t had soda pop in almost 3 weeks. THAT feels AMAZING. I did drink over a liter of water yesterday instead. That also felt amazing.

Some of my favorite Paleo resources for recipes and inspiration are: Nom Nom Paleo and Our Paleo Life. Though he’s not doing Paleo, he wants to eat healthier – so Bryon buys me coconut flour and steals my banana pancakes every time I make them. Stinker.

I’d also like to get back into a gym on a regular routine. I don’t want to lift; I just want to run on a treadmill and do some Pilates (mat). I used to go 3 times a week and I just don’t make time anymore. I am 36 years old. If I want to be happy and healthy for 36 more years, I have a responsibility to take care of myself. Ugh, I wish I could wring my 20 year old neck sometimes. I totally wasted my thighs!

The football season is in full swing. Trevor’s first scrimmage was last Saturday. His team played well and continues to practice every day after school. He comes home to do homework [usually his honors math class] after practice, eats, showers, and then is completely stimulated at (what should be) bedtime. I think this will work itself out as his body adjusts. 

Andrew has joined the Lego engineering club at school. He loves Legos. Like, more than most children, I think. He builds all of the big kits and then disassembles them to make rockets and vehicles and lots and lots and lots of houses. He sometimes combines them with the electronics set he got two years ago for Christmas and makes them move or light up. For his last birthday, we got him Minecraft Legos and the child lost. his. mind.  He was ridiculously excited to handle those 500 pieces. I can’t wait to see what he does with this talent.

Hayley is happy to be back at school but not so happy that 8 year old girls in 3rd grade know how to bring the drama, llama. She’s sitting in between 2 best friends and let’s just say there have already been some interesting moments. I’m thrilled she wants to do volleyball this year and hope that she sticks with it. I’m not sure how we will make 2 days a week work with everything else, but God is bigger than our schedule. She has been queried about volleyball for a year or more, never wanting to play anything where a ball (or body) might hit her in the face. But this year, she's ready to give it a try instead of gymnastics.

And the Moo. Oh my. Moo Moo was so excited to finish her first full week of kindergarten last week that she fell asleep while out to eat! She still napped 2-3 hours each day before school started (though I’m pretty sure Shoes didn’t nap her while they were there) so it is going to take her some time to adjust and catch up on her sleep. She just… needs more. She always, always has. She LOVES her teacher and her library. She checked out a puppy book and memorized a few sight words inside of it; she was super excited! I can’t believe she’s almost six. SIX. She'll be reading soon.

So yes, they grow up too fast. And when they do, they require very expensive school supplies. Trevor and Andrew needed binders this year, which cost $75 total. And I bought cheap ones! Good thing they’re worth it. Andrew says he is more organized than ever.

Could I make a prayer request please? Our bachelor neighbor, Dave tore his bicep late last week and has surgery tomorrow. He will be down for a good six months in physical therapy. Please pray for his safety and healing, and for our ability to be whatever he needs during that time. I’m praying that each of the kids has an opportunity to serve Dave and help him out. I’m going to feed him as often as I can. And I’m praying he’ll finally be willing to join us at church, too. What a beautiful opportunity it will be to help someone with nothing expected in return. It feels GOOD.

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  1. Congratulations on six years!
    I suggest you print the book. :)