September 1, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. Among my most favorite open kitchen shots EVER.

2. The southwest influence (I know, right?) and midcentury mix has me swooning over this. Wow.

3. I really must begin lettering again and using my chalkboard to practice.

4. Okay, I'm not crazy into cutesy nails - but this is easy. The little girls would love it!

5. Yes. Easy, white tee, black skirt, and gladiators. Hollah.

6. If I could find this sweater, I would be a very, very happy woman.

7. Rocket? Hmmm...

8. Oh I love this dining room, too! The chandelier, chairs, and brick are my favorite parts.

9. *Faints* So cool.

10. Yummy grilled lobster.

11. Yummy black on black outfit.

12. YES.

13. Love this simple bag. Too bad I never carry one.

14. I'm in love with simple rings. I must make the time to find some.

15. Such a delightful ombre. And what a great length, too!

16. Snow's a comin', Folks.

17. I adore this simple, stone necklace. Lovely.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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