October 8, 2013

All I Need

It's been a while since I've made time to listen to my iPod alone. I've been sorely in need, Friends. Wow. And so anyway, my ex-boss who has become a friend honestly (I cannot tell you how weird that is to say) brought me a brand new pair of earbuds to replace the ones I'd lost. Bless him.

This is the first thing I listened to. And I didn't get two lines in without the tears flooding my eyes.

Tell me will I ever catch a break
'Cause the storms roll on and where I am
It does not feel safe
I don't know what I should even pray
But here I am, here my hands are raised

The rain keeps falling down
As the waters flood this town
On my knees I'll be found
All I need, all I need is You

Show me once again that you are real
Oh, this wounded heart let it start to feel
You told me love would always be enough
And here I am, my hands lifted up

Wash my eyes to see you
Wash the stains away
Give me faith to trust you
'Cause you're the rising day

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