October 28, 2013


What, you don't put on tattoo sleeves and flex at yourself in the window? [No backyard neighbors, Peeps.]

This one was cuddly.

This one is finally big enough to fix her own hair and thinks its a lot of fun to practice for HOURS on weekend mornings.

And, this one finished football last week with another win. He's such a great player. I can't wait to see where this sport takes him and I pray that God will find a way to work that out for Trev.

Oh, and one more very important thing happened this past week: the first [2 hour, highly chaperoned] school dance! I was a little emotional, honestly. He promised no peer pressure or smoking or drinking or meeting up for naughty tricks. He hugged on me and said, "Don't go getting mushy on me, Mom." Uh huh. Who is this kid who suddenly comes up to my EYES? I'm 5'10", People. My son is a giant.

When I asked him to smile so I could take a picture before he left, this is the pose he made.

And then this one.

And then this one.


Awww. There's my boy.

And - he invited a girl who said yes, but didn't show. But do you think for one second he was disappointed? No. He danced with 5 other girls instead. Killeh.

And Dear B: We had a kick ass weekend. I love you at least twenty times more than I did last Monday. I am constantly - CONSTANTLY amazed and blessed by you. You are exactly what God meant for my heart. Smooch. PS: Your beard and chest hair make my skirt fly up. It's a problem in public.

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