October 16, 2013

LifeLight 2013

Every year, LifeLight is amazing. This is the 3rd LifeLight I've served at with my husband and it is a manner of service that is unlike any other. I'd say watching 100,000 lifting their hands in worship to our King Jesus is about the best thing ever.

Friday started nice and easy. The same stage is erected each year with a sign on top that reads: TO GOD BE THE GLORY. The people start to come, in droves. Thousands by nightfall.

Our company is a major sponsor each year and my husband and I chair the committee for our tent on the grounds. This year, sky blue was the color choice for the shirts. Good eye, Dear. And you look so happy!

The City Harmonic was awesome. "Manifesto" in person was unreal! The kids loved them.

Sunday was the biggest day for us.We were seated on the stage early (yes, I said ON the stage - sponsorship has its perks, you see) to watch the Rhett Walker Band. And oh my.

Oh my! They were unbelievable. Just regular dudes rocking it out for Jesus. They sang a version of "Simple Man" that made my husband cry. Only don't tell him I told you that. There was a feel in their music that shouted the gospel into my bones. They are the real deal. They are there because of the talent God gave them and the courage they have as men to stand and rock out like that. Just, wow.

For King & Country played after RWB and they started with a drum solo on the walkout ramp. The sunflare was killer, no?

These guys were wonderful, and fabulous performers.

Just before the final act on Sunday night - The Newsboys - Bryon and I were asked to go up on stage to help thank our company for nearly a decade of festival support. Bryon could have gone without standing in the spotlight, but he put his hand in mine and we walked right out onto the stage in front of more than 100,000 people. I took the photo below while we waited in the wings to be introduced. You can see the massive mound of people through the split - wow. The air was chilly and the fog machine was rolling. The Newsboys were standing right behind us.

I texted Mindy and squealed. SO excited. I don't get nervous to speak publicly but I was super excited. The owner of our company was pretty stoked, too. He knows how much we love this ministry and it was humbling to see him proud of us. What an amazing honor to be part of festival support - and married to the best partner in service EVER. Bryon has been by my side for years at LifeLight. I wouldn't have it any other way.

We were truly blessed this week. Truly. God is good always.

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