October 11, 2013

Photo Update, Late August

So the gluten free/Paleo thing is going fabulously. Like, seriously awesome.

On the first of October my heart leaped for fall. It's so brief in Da Plains that you can blink and nearly miss it. You haul out the cozy sweaters and leggings and wool socks - and then the next day its 85 degrees. Followed by snow. In our state - just a mere 5 hours away - they received 45" of snow last weekend, which killed thousands of cattle. We were 65 degrees on our side of the state. Fall is so unpredictable here. Can't wait to see what Halloween brings: 90 degrees or snow? It's a crapshoot.

I would like to request the kids stop growing immediately. Mabel put on a pair of bell bottom jeans the other morning and looked 15. Unacceptable.

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