October 31, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I don't know if you've noticed, but my Pins have been dropping. My Things I Love Thursday feature has been not-so-robust. I spoke with Pinterest support a few times and honestly, they really couldn't explain why, after a few months, photos wouldn't link from the blog anymore. I am trying this differently now, in the hopes that the photos stay put, along with their appropriate sources.

1. OMG plaid, you have my heart. Since my 10th grade GAP dress. I literally sucked wind when I saw this outfit and vowed immediately to recreate it. Gorgeous.

2. Listen, yo. I have small boobs. I love small boobs. It's a personal preference. Vicky's says they are a C, but... I dunno. They are a tiny C. But here's the thing: I love them exactly that size and so does my Jedi. I am in the market (don't tell Vicky) for new bras this Christmas season and I LOVE this one.

3. One of our girls may have a new project come Christmas. These pot holders are darling and such good practice at hand stitching!

4. This.

5. Hello, have you met my dream bedroom? Plenty masculine (always my thing), hardwoods, leather. Yum.

6. Ascot Friday, I love your style. And I am so jelly of those thighs, Girl.

7. LOVE this, head to toe.

8. Here's the thing I've learned as I've gotten older. Just... be yourself. Find your style and live in it. Breathe in it. Make everything you have to wear into something you can wear and still be you. Don't leave the house without feeling great in your skin.

9. I'mma tell y'all a secret. This gluten free, Paleo thing? It's worth every crumb of bread I cannot eat. Mom, my hip bones are back. My butt looks like I don't have 3 children. I want to be naked allatime now (Jedi is appreciative). If I find a Pilates class, look the heck out! I feel better than I have in 20 years and I know I look better, too. Even my skin is different, Peeps. Jedi and I have a beach vacay comin'. Look out.

10. Love how boho this is.

11. You bet your ass.

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  1. First of all, 'c' is not small-- says your friend with almost b's......
    second- don't get boney on us-- says your friend who is presently eating a slice of sourdough slathered in olive oil...

    okay, I need some paleo recipes.