October 25, 2013

Weddennessday on Friday

Busy week, Peeps. 

Love my vintage sunnies. Sophia would be proud. Please excuse the terrrrrrrible state of our truck window - yikes.

New gluten free breakfast fave: Chobani vanilla yogurt with seeds and nuts mixed in, along with crushed, fresh blackberries and dates. Excellent, though I need to remember to bring a little bear of honey to work with me. Just for a drop of amazingness. This would also be a Paleo breakfast, if you are okay eating dairy like me.

Recently I went grocery shopping with our girls. They both loved helping dispense the bulk items in the healthfood section of the store: flax meal, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried banana chips, and so forth. Hayley got on her hands and knees with me and went through all of the spaghetti sauces until we found one that was both gluten free AND made without onions. That was a task, let me tell you. But we did it! That evening we made seared chicken with herbs, and roasted vegetables (zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and peppers) in apple cider vinegar and oil. It was a great meal and the girls were excited that they'd helped.

We tried Gevalia coffee this week because Hayley caught a coupon during our grocery trip (she is very into couponing). It’s yummy. Starbucks Blonde is my favorite, but most of the time I’m not willing to shell out the $12 for it.

So the concert? Yeah… it was AH-mazing. We left early enough to stop and eat dinner first this time. [By the way, Famous Dave’s is very firmly NOT gluten-free. While I did not get sick, I had 2 choices on the menu: chicken wings with no sauce and corn. Everything has a rub containing gluten or is injected with gluten-laced flavoring. The manager wasn't kind either. Pfft.] I wore my vintage sunglasses and cowboy boots and absolutely no bra. It was fabulous and freeing. Our favorite tickets are in the pit and these were no disappointment. Dierks was a mere 6 feet away. Any man who can croon in a gravelly voice and wear a white tee shirt and backwards baseball hat is a Jedi in my book. 

Miranda was also great but what I loved even more is how she doesn’t tolerate jack; she broke up two fights from the stage [we’re rowdy here, y’all] and kicked them out. It was awesome! More awesome was my forever boyfriend who held my hand almost all night long.

I noticed this morning that Mabel still wakes up with hair that looks like she slept on her face. She also waddles down the hallway and into the bathroom (where I am usually showering) and says, “Goot morning, Mama,” the same way that she did years ago. Bernard St. Pottamus lives. Sassy Miss Crazy Hair. She has my heart, that one.  

And so the 12 year old is already talking about things like saving up for his first car and car insurance, having a girlfriend, and playing football throughout high school. I’m so proud of him, so so proud. We picked him up after practice one night this week and I was in tears as the next 10 years of his life flashed in front of my eyes. More than anything I’m thrilled that Trevor loves the Lord. That boy belongs to Him and while he absolutely doesn't know how to navigate being a hormonal brother yet, he is well on his way. So proud. And I made him promise me as we hugged goodnight in the hallway that night, that he would NEVER compromise who he is for anything. Always be yourself, be honest, and be kind. If you are meant to play football, Son, then play it. If it gets hard, please don’t give up. He is strong and steady and determined and that boy loves his mama. I am so blessed by Trevor Allen.

Are you praying for your kids’ friends? You should be. God will surround them with people that are meant to be part of their story. It’s up to us as parents to invest in that. Pray for good and wholesome experiences – and by good I do not mean happy; I mean hearty. Thick and full of His meaning. I pray for all of my littles to be tolerant of everyone, kind to all friends, but for them to develop special relationships with kids who are happy and love the Lord. Kids who encourage their spirits and lift them up. I pray for good influences over tempting ones, and I pray that my kids do their parts as well. I pray the ‘mean girls’ pack mentality never sticks to Hayley or Mabel. I pray the boys find strong friends that challenge them but never compromise their integrity or common sense. This is a new area of parenting and I think that as our children grow, our prayers should grow with them.

The Kikster has been sicko lately. She had a checkup a few weeks ago and the vet diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Can you believe it? She’d been on a digestive health food by Iams her whole life (remember her crazy, foul tooting?) but it’s not enough anymore, I guess.  They prescribed an antibiotic to calm her tummy and then suggested a switch of food. Well, Kiki wasn’t having it and boycotted food altogether. She didn’t eat for a few days. The vet told us to go back to her old food and then gradually move her to something else. That worked actually, and she ate in earnest for a good week. Then late last week she stopped eating again. She is svelte now and its making us sad. She's the Kikipottamus, you know... usually tubbier. After consulting two different vets (my favorite telling me to trust my catmama intincts), we gave her some canned food. She's happily eating again! 

And Dear B: You are especially wonderful for praying for our cat. God listened and healed her up! Also, thanks for being so deeply involved with the Lord and for standing by my side as I grow in Him, too. You are such a blessing to me.

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