November 22, 2013

She is 9!

This week, #3 turned 9. Wow.

I'm so proud of this little girl. She is truly a magnificent creature and I love each and every detail about her. She is completely different from any child I've ever known and certainly different than the 3 that came out of my uterus. But I love her just like she did.

She's sensitive and proud. Silly and super studious. She loves to play school and build Legos and play Hunger Games outside with all the boys. She can hold her own wrestling (usually).

She has an amazing - AMAZING relationship with her dad. Hayley is the quality time sneak-attacker... just when you're in the middle of slicing mushrooms or gutting a fish, she'll ask you the best question. Just sneaks it right in there with a hug and a smile. So trusting. It makes parenting her so rewarding because she's so clever and kind and curious. She will tell you anything in the world about her heart, if you only ask.

She and Grandma Sharon are animal print and bling besties.

Hayley Noelle is emotional, but strong (I find those two qualities go hand in hand). She is BEAUTIFUL. She has become so much more confident in herself as she's grown up. She talks about how God made her beautiful and unique, and she knows that nobody can do the work He has planned for her. That makes us so excited for her and so proud of her relationship with the Lord!

She is my biggest tagalong - always wanting to be with me cooking, cleaning, thrifting, sewing, organizing. The girl steals my heart every time she begs me to take her thrifting!

And Andy. Oh my Lord he drove her nuts when they met. Ha. Now they are BESTIES. Like, look out. 'Cahoots' is the word.

My life is richer for having Hayley in it. She was the bonus. Bryon was my gift from God, the answer to a million prayers - but he came with a package of his own: this little punk. Wow, she stole my heart. I couldn't love her more.

Happy Birthday, Phyllis. We all love and adore you.

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