November 26, 2013

This Week

He brings a book everywhere we go, just in case there is down time.

Trevor is also taking a creative writing class in 7th grade. This is the end of one of his stories. I especially love the post script, which contains a Golden Girls reference.

Moo Rae has learned how to wear her babies. We all know Bo will end up in the sling next. Except for maybe Bo.

We installed the second toilet (PRAISE) this weekend. As a result, Bryon brought up the box for Bo and Kiki to play with. Which of course means that Andrew would immediately imagine he was a warrior ninja of some kind in need of a place to hide. Adore him.

Hayley Noelle turned 9. More than anything else, she's been asking for fake glasses. Daddy and I took her to pick out two pair and oh my, she looked amazing in the clear/black Buddy Holly style. They are my favorite! Both nerdy and beautiful - just perfect. Girlfriend is unique and I absolutely love that about her character - wow. I am so grateful for her spunk.

To celebrate Hayley's birthday, our family went roller skating and brought two of her friends. They had a ball! Trevor won the awards for Most Determined and Most Bruised. Andrew wore roller blades like he was a professional, and Mabel forgot that she'd ever been on skates before in her life (I'm told she has, at Dad's). This means she basically started from scratch and while wobbly for about 7.2 minutes, I snapped this photo as she said to me, "I think I've got it, Mom. I want to go by myself." She crashed and smiled, and kept on. She started with determination and ended, a pro. She really is a mix of the boys. Of course, Hayley is a great skater and Bryon and I had a great time, too. No falls or fractures and honestly when you're a grown adult at a kids roller skating party, isn't that the ultimate goal? Right.

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