December 4, 2013

Favorite Paleo Recipes and Tips

I'm thinking more Paleo today. Here are some of my favorite resources!

Many of my favorite recipes come from the websites above, and have been adapted to fit our family.

Chili Lime Butternut Squash (paleo cupboard)

Taco Salad (our paleo life)

Coconut Flour pizza crust

Avocado wrapped with Nori

Pan-Fried Lemon Chicken (stupid easy paleo)

Summer Squash with Goat Cheese

Apple Chips

Bento box lunch, turkey roll ups (our paleo life)

Whipped coconut cream

Sausage Egg ‘Muffin’ (nomnom)

Asian meatballs (nomnom)

Bento box lunch (nomnom)

Paleo Fauxtmeal (our paleo life) – THESE ARE THE BANANA PANCAKES I MAKE, PEEPS!

Skillet sweet potatoes (our paleo life)

Avocado dressing

Avocado & Romaine Salad

Egg white & veggies

Baked Asparagus - Season with olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese; bake at 400 for 8 minutes.

Most of these recipes are really easy to follow and kid-approved. And I've made every one of them - they are fabulous! The trick is lean meat all the time, with at least 1 or 2 vegetable side dishes. Fruit, sparingly.

If you have some favorite Paleo or gluten-free recipes, I'd love to hear about them. Leave a note in the comments!

Any recipes shared above are also available on my Pinterest recipe board.

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  1. Excellent post. The photos of food (look super good) and links to recipes - well, you made my day. I am trying to eat healthier and was wondering about Paleo recipes. Many of these are a must try. So appreciate you taking the time to put together this post. Thank you.