December 3, 2013

Happy Monday!

26 hours of driving later, here we are.

The kids visited their dad over Thanksgiving, which began last Wednesday and ended Sunday. Lots of driving done by my fabulously bearded Jedi. Seriously, can you please take note of the beard? Wow. It feels different and ladies, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Neck kisses take on a whole new meaning these days!

While the kids were gone Bryon and I did the majority of our Christmas shopping and played with the cats. Like, obsessively. Because despite the fact that we love the silence, we hate the silence and miss our crew. The cats appreciated the extra attention, believe me.

Thanksgiving for us took place a week ago with the kids and Joe. I made a turkey, both gluten free and regular stuffing, gluten free candied yams with walnuts, cranberry sauce, steamed green beans, mashed potatoes, and (very UN gluten free) croissants. It was loverly.

On Thanksgiving Day, Bryon's mother came over and we had sauteed mussels, shrimp, and a meat & cheese tray. Bryon's mother also does Paleo, so it was right up her alley. Delicious and so easy!

In other news, I scored these beauties off of ebay for less than 1/3 their retail price. They've been worn once and are in perfect condition. I'm not sure if the lady selling them didn't know what she was selling or if she intended me an early birthday present. Either way, I nearly peed my pants. And Hayley LOVES them. I see a pair of clogs in this girls future.

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