December 9, 2013

Kidspiration - Crafts for Little Ones

I Pin all sorts of craft ideas. Some of them are perfect for kids. I have put together a list of some of my favorites right now. The links are available on my Pinterest board Lord Love a Craft.

1. This darling dreamcatcher is perfect for little hands. And a great spot to catch all of those little beads you keep stepping on at bedtime. Sewing theory as well, weaving the yarn in and out of the paper-punched holes. 

2. This one has been floating around the internet since before Pinterest. I'm not sure who invented it originally; I've seen it in several places. The gist is this: metal clothes hanger(s) bent into whatever word you'd like to spell out. Then, wrap with yarn until well covered. Easy peasy.

3. I love this little garland with yarn, beads, feathers, and poms. Totally cute and totally achieveable for little fingers.

4. Birdie perches? Be still my heart! You guys! It's a twig, a bit of fabric-scrap-wrapped wire, and some birdies. LOOOOVE this.

5. Since our trip to the Black Hills, all 3 girls in my house [yep, I'm in that 3] are in love with the boho beauty of Native Americans. So, so beautiful. I love this simple leather handband with feathers.

6. This one, we've done. Yarn, embroidery floss, whatever you have on hand - braided and knotted into perfectly mismatched straps. Combine that with a thrifted doily and an empty pickle jar and you have the perfect planter!

7. FIMO clay is my friend. Has been since high school. Usually just $1 at the craft store and will mold and blend into anything you can imagine. Small skewers or toothpicks punch holes and then bake, and voila! Beads forever.

8. I think this actual horse purse is a purchased item. However, I think we could make it at home, too. I think if you gut an old, stuffed friend of (most of) his stuffing and then sew in some type of pocket that opens in the back there, you could turn him into a purse pretty quickly. Leftover thrifted purse strap, too. I love teaching the kids new uses for old things!

9. I think little ones need to live in a room that speaks to who they are as a person. Their loves and taste (within reason) and showcasing their talents. Those are the finishing touches to a kid's bedroom, I think. This vignette made me all giggly for our girls. Both of them love crafts so much; we should be showing that off even more.

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