December 5, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. It's coming and I'm soooooo excited! 

2. I love this whimsical room. I might have even posted it before, but I have this in mind for Mabel and Hayley's room, to be honest. I *love* the washi tape frame. Wow.

3. If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what does. Love your men, Ladies. And men? Satisfy your women with your time and love, not your wallet.

4. I adore this living room. My husband seems allergic to white, but he's opening up to the idea more and more. The chair and the ottoman are my fave.

5. These are darling handmade ornaments!

6. Yes.

7. Stuffed apples. No recipe needed, just cut the core out of half an apple and load it up with whatever you have on hand - ground nuts, a bit of brown sugar or honey, and some dried fruit. Then bake at 350 until soft and oozy.

8. I'm praying I find a thrifted painting soon, ripe for this repainting idea!

9. This is the Christmas of Bocephus. He's never seen a Christmas tree before and he's very excited to kill one. Thus, we need to keep our decorations soft and non-breakable until we know how he will behave.

10. I love Mary Seng. Her style is amazeballs. Find her at

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