December 27, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

1. I don't know what it is with me and dreamcatchers lately. I think it's the bohemian style they invoke. I love them now. I think you should pray and depend on God's promises for your hopes and dreams. However, these works of art sure make a pretty conversation piece.

2. Homemade hot chocolate mix – HERE

3. Turkey burger with bacon and guacamole. I mean, hello!?

4. Here's another great tutorial from The Beauty Department. Seriously, best website. 

5. Acid wash jeans are back, Baby. Love, love, love these.

6. And so begins the search for the perfect denim skirt to destroy. This length is PERFECT.

7. Awesome use of a sweet potato! LOVE this design, too.

8. This hat from Rag & Bone is a favorite of mine. I'm not sure I'd ever have an occasion to wear it, but boy howdy, I love it.

9. Now this is a Little Black Dress. With booties! YES.

10. Favorite outfit right here. Tights, boots, tee, faux fur coat, and a beanie. Uniform.

11. Thank God for this.

12. Le sigh, Miss Olsen. Also, I adore your tee and vest. And hair. What a beauty icon you are.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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