January 10, 2014

Christmas Vacation: Report Out

The kids spent a few days back east with their dad over Christmas break. Bryon and I got a lot done at home. I fell in love with 'Girls' and watched 2 seasons in just a few days. My husband and I reached a new level in our relationship and I an in love with this spot. There was homemade sushi, cooking, family, and Play-Doh. There was pilates at home and miles put down on a borrowed treadmill that felt awesome. It was a great holiday and we are so amazingly blessed.

PS: Those are mozzarella balls under her shirt, which she swiped after a grocery store run. Trevor snapped a photo of her on his old phone and now that I've found it, it's mine forever. I can't wait to blow it up to poster size when she gets married. The dude should know what he's in for.

And now:

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