January 20, 2014

Happy Monday with Toques

One of the boys has Disney Channel hair. You know, perfectly wavy, very sufer-y and cool? Except he doesn't like to comb it or rinse the shampoo out of it so it gets... yeah. Also, there isn't a day that passes without a toque on his head. Eventually I can't stand looking at it because it's all crazy and unkempt (and not in the cool way) and mashed down on his head, so I make a hair appointment.

Also, as I have previously stated, children have a VOTE but do not make decisions in our home. In this case, I overruled Andrew's vote to keep long hair and decided to have the gummy balls professionally sheared off. He can have all the long hair he wants once  a) he learns how to properly groom/wash/rinse/deodorize himself and look presentable, or  b) he is 18, employed, and making the decisions in his own home.


and after. Wow, right? He is such a cute little pickle. Now that he's learned how to tame the colics in the front, he loves it.

Trevor also got his hair cut and looks way too grown up. He said the girls at school like it, so there's that. Priorities, I reckon.

When these two cahoot, there are always legos. Many, many legos. And many, many giggles. Like, for HOURS.

I love my beanie hat from Moorea Seal. They're call toques (pronounced TOOOOOOOOKS) if you live close to Canada. Because it was -50 here for part of this past week and now the wind is blowing 50 mph, a girl has got to keep her head warm and protect her hair. But seriously, spring is coming early. I can feel it.

And now:

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