January 21, 2014

Magenta Huzzah

We had a blizzard late last week and the kids had to be picked up from school. Only an inch of snow came down from the sky but the 40+mph winds blew that into drifts that were a couple of feet tall. Which randomly appeared EVERYWHERE. It was crazy. Visibility was about 5 feet and we passed more than 20 cars in ditches. Thank God for 4WD.

Trevor was picked up first from the high school. When I walked inside the cafeteria to get him all of the 7th graders were sitting at tables, playing on their smart phones. "I'm here to pick up Trevor," I said. Trevor tried to be slick and hid for a moment. The principal (who is a friend and fellow football dad) joked about how the kids are always worried their parents will embarrass them. To which I said, "Well it's not like I walked in and did a dance." And then I absolutely did a groovy dance right there in the cafeteria, complete with arms. Don't be shocked or worried that my child was embarrassed, oh no. Because from his seat he laughed and shouted an introduction for one of his girlfriends, "Hey, Mom. This is _____!" And I shouted back with a big wave and a smile, "Oh, hello, _____!" Poor girl turned a shade of magenta I haven't seen in a quite a while.

Incidentally this is the same girl whose comment on one of Trevor's instagram photos included the word "bitch" as a joke. Of course, being the actively involved mama that I am, I replied to that with, "A little less swearing from those underaged, please. Thank you!" I'm sure she's a nice little girl and she looks pretty in magenta.

Once we were home we cranked the heat up, turned on the fireplace, and snuggled with cats.

There was wrestling. Or is this hugging? I'm not sure, but they do it a lot.

Mabel is so beautiful in the morning with her sassy, crazy hair. She pops up like a little sprite, ready to start her day. Stinker.

This weekend she played a lot of cooking class and mommy. She even burped for her baby. It was not so ladylike.

I recently found the most beautiful vintage bedspread while thrifting. It reminds me of my grandma Bertha and I love it on our bed so, so much.

So does our big Bobo.

While my darling Jedi was slaying dragons at the plant on Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store alone. If you have kids and you manage to make it to the grocery store alone, doesn't it feel a lot like vacation? It does to me. It's amazing what you can actually find when you have time to look and do math in your head without poking, screaming, and reaching. For example, I saw this awesome bread in the health food section. I love the scripture on the side!

Grocery shopping for 6 looks a lot like a car payment. And I am so thankful and blessed that we have access to the awesome health food, fruits, and vegetables that we do here. Bryon suggested that we cut more carbs and gluten out of [their] meals. Provide wholesome snacks, proteins, and cheeses instead of chips and waffles. Eggs instead of cereal for breakfast. I think it's a fabulous idea. Anyway, I'm so grateful that we have options here.

Trevor's always been a snuggler. Always. This weekend he laid on me a few times, just resting for a brief moment before moving on. Mama's boy. He's a tremendous kid and he's maturing so fast. We are so proud of him. He tries very hard to maintain respect and set a good example for the 3 behind him. He's now doing chores without being asked, which is such a reward. And he thinks his mama is hilarious even when I dance in front of his classmates, so that's a plus.

Also, that time when they were wrestling and I threw my socks at Bryon's face and said, "Trevor, I socked him for you!" and he collapsed in a fit of giggles? Yeah, that was the best. Kid has my sense of humor. Huzzah!

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  1. We've been enjoying Ezekiel bread for years. You don't want to know how much less we pay for it here!