January 16, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Perhaps one day I will uncover one of these bad boys at a thrift store. And then I will blog and brag, brag, brag because WOW. This chair was meant for me.

2. I may write an entire blog post dedicated to Journelle. It's an upscale (but still completely affordable) lingerie website that has the most darling ditties I've ever seen. There is something there for everyone including a few items that, when described to my husband were met with, "buy them. buy them now."

3. These booties are fabulous. Love the studs in the back!

4. What a darling kitten pillow! This belongs in the girls' room.

5. Chocolate-dipped mandarin orange slices with sea salt. Yes, please.

6. Still, I long for them. Perhaps this year will bring me a sale low enough that I can score some Hunter wellies.

7. I can't wait to try this homemade gingerbread spice mix (Paleo and gluten free) here

8. This photo prompted me to make vacay plans with my husband and start looking up sequins. I mean, please. Take me somewhere exotic where I can go braless and wow!

9. Dana over at Housetweaking has my most favorite living room, maybe ever. I love what she's done with that new home.

10. Now if only my brother-in-law would send me one of these.

11. Washi tape projects are on my short list just now. Love this one.

12. This photo made me stare for the longest time. That top - well first of all, I can't source it. I can't find it anywhere. however, doesn't it look like it would be sort of simple to make? I mean, couldn't I maybe stumble upon a beautiful lace and cotton tablecloth and... sew it up? You haven't seen the last of this from me.

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