January 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. More ripped denim. I know you're surprised. My mama probably hates them, but I wish I could wear these every day.

2. I love the mixed patterns from Isabel Marant

3. I really hope this sinks in for my kids

4. Vegan Nori Rolls here

5. Le sigh. Uniform!

6. Here we are with my favorite thing in the world about fashion: juxtaposition. Please, please, please stick a vintage rocker tee with a sequin skirt and killer heels. Please. It's too fabulous.

7. I need some white Chucks in my life

8. Blueberry pecan, dark chocolate clusters here

9. I googled until I found out that this was Taylor Tomasi Hill's skirt (over jeans I might add). I adore it.

10. This fleece skirt is asking to be made at home, don't you think?

11. I love the bleached jeans and casual top. Very flowy.

12. Pink fur steals my heart! And if you combine it will all black and a neon bag, I die.

13. I will always love things like Jennifer Aniston's hair and the Olsen twins. This is why. Too school for cool.

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And now:

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1 comment:

  1. If you make that skirt, make one for me. :)