January 30, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. I am hungry for spring and I love this refreshing outfit. It's perfect for vacation, no?

2. Sometimes it needs to be said.

3. Love this homemade banner. Perfect over a master bed.

4. Still loving huge necklaces. This one from UO steals my heart.

5. I wish I carried purses. This Free People bag almost made me pass out with coolness.

6. Nine West, I love these!

7. Love this outfit from Isabel Marant. Especially the pink denim. Swoon!

8. There is no reason you can't look comfy AND trendy while out running errands. Plaid is back (did it ever go away?) and I bet your husband or your local thrift has some!

9. I've always loved white glasses.

10. Homemade Valentine's Day decorations on www.justbellablog.com

11. I know a couple of little girls who need these for playing princesses.

12. These stairs make me dream of an old farmhouse that wants to be ours forever.

13. Eames. Always.

14. Take my word for it, no good comes from letting anyone get to you. And if something yucky happens, pray and find the bright side. Nobody said that's easy to do - but it's the right thing to do. Also, Bob's last name is fabulous.

15. I love masculine bathrooms. Is that weird? This is an all-time favorite.

16. One day I'll find one of these huge suckers at a thrift and it will come home, stuffed in my car.

17. Love this hall. Wow.

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