January 15, 2014


Let’s talk dry shampoo for a sec, can we? I’ve been using it for several months (gosh maybe even a year?) and in general, I love it. It obviously extends the length of time between washings, which is great for your hair health – but I love it for other reasons, too. It adds texture to hair that is limp and your hair looks fabulous. It’s perfect for bedhead! I still use Suave Dry Shampoo, which costs a whopping $2.50. I’ve tried other, more expensive brands (and looked in vain for one that is all natural) but this spray version is my favorite. All that said, I am by no means a dry shampoo expert and I’m constantly learning about hair for fun - things change. (It’s a sickness. I really should have been a hair stylist.)

Something I’ve been researching is ‘no-poo.’ There are tons of blogs out there about not shampooing your hair at all and I encourage you to go read them. You’ll learn a lot, even if you don’t try their recommendations. Don’t be scared of ‘no poo’. Your scalp will slow oil production once it realizes that you’re not using harsh chemicals as often and you’ll be able to go longer and longer between washings. 

NOTE: There is a recommendation floating around Pinterest right now about using only baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair. I wanted to like that plan, but I learned that both of those ingredients will strip color out of your hair. Haircolor is expensive, so I’d only recommend that for virgin hair.

I've decided to try a happy medium. While I do still use shampoo and conditioner, I wait about 4 days before washing and only condition my ends. Now instead of using dry shampoo every night in between, I’m going to try waiting longer and longer before I need to use it. This week I made it 3 days before needing a bit of dry shampoo. My hair is much softer and my ends feel less dry. I think dry shampoo eventually works its way down the hair shaft and makes my hair feel heavy and my ends feel a bit coarse. While it still looks great, that’s not my favorite feeling, so I feel backing off a bit on the dry shampoo will help there. I've also been using some oil on my ends when they are full of static or feeling dry and I love the difference there.

I saw that Bumble & Bumble just came out with a new product called Pret-a-Powder. It’s part dry-shampoo and part style-activator. It has a bit of hold and gives a ton of volume at the roots. It sounds like bedhead in a jar and I might have to try it out.

I put together a post on finding your personal style that I can’t wait to share. One of the things that makes me excited is rolled sleeves. Ridiculous perhaps, but I’ve gotten giddy over sillier things. Anyhow, I wore a chambray button down today and I’m rocking the JCrew sleeve. Deets will be in my post.

My denim shirt is from JCrew and I love it. I don't wear it super often because it is baggy. Sigh. Tall girl problem #49: finding shirts with long enough arms without having to swim in them. This is a size 10 and I had to buy a size 10 because the 6 is way too short and the 8 isn’t long enough for my arms or wide enough for my shoulders, even though it fits me everywhere else. And so I’ve taken things into my own hands and taken in the sides once already. Now that I’ve been doing Paleo for 5 months and am, well, smaller – the shirt is huge again. I will have to alter it a second time and this time, it will require that I cut the excess off. Man I wish Mindy lived a block away again; I need to borrow her serger!

I’ve been feeling FULL of the sewing itch lately. Thank God my sewing machine is back from her checkup. Last weekend I found 2 blankets at my favorite thrift for a total of $7. These two blankets will become the inside of the coverlets that I’m making for the girls. I plan to upcycle the blankets by layering them with batting and then covering them with vintage fabrics. I’m excited to make one for my side of the bed as well.

The -50 weather was a bit much, I’ll admit. I still absofreakinglutely love it out here, though. This week is a bit warmer with highs in the 30’s, however the wind was shaking the house yesterday at 50 mph. Holy balls! The cats did NOT appreciate that noise all night long. I’m pretty sure they thought the howling was a dementor outside, waiting to eat them.

So this past week we had a Lord of the Rings marathon at our house. If you call interrupting the movie for various life activities, bedtimes, meals, and phone calls a marathon. It made me miss Rog and Mindy, though. The first time I watched those movies was when we lived with them in 2008. Roger and I stayed up for a day and ½ and watched the director’s cut of every one of them in a row [with details and very patient explanations from Roger as we went along] and made little pizzas for playing children. It was ahhhhhhhh-some. Great memories.

Our transmission was repaired this week, and for less than the amount quoted. I’ll tell you why I chose that transmission shop, too: they have a large, LED screen in front of their building on which they run specials and announcements. Every other sentence that loops past on the screen is a verse of scripture - all day, every day. They also have a large, wooden cross erected across from the building. Hello, how awesome is THAT? Have I mentioned I love this place that I live? I counted once - I pass 6 crosses on the way to work every morning. Not tiny ones, but 10’+ tall crosses, which are erected in fields, parking lots, and on the side of the expressway. LOOOOOVE that.  

Mabel helped me make potato soup recently. We channeled my grandma Bertha the whole time, too. I did all of the chopping and stirring near the stove and she did all of the assembly of ingredients and potato washing. Mabel LOVES to help me cook more than anything else we do together. As an added bonus, she always eats whatever we make, no matter what is in it. Score.

Here is a public service announcement for my tweens and anyone who is curious: If you live in our house, you must look presentable and clean. Until the age of 18 you may have a VOTE in your attire or hairstyle, but these things are not your decision. You can be a free spirit when you’re 18 and employed and we will love you even if your hair is disgusting and you smell. You will show respect for the hard work required by us to take care of your little bodies by saying thank you with your words and your actions. If you do not, realize there are consequences to that decision, which include a loss of privileges (like television and video games – oh my!), earning additional chores to learn the value of hard work, or by writing sentences that say, “What I have to say is important, but I will not interrupt others while they are talking.” The end.

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