February 17, 2014

And A Happy Monday to You

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day, let me tell you what.


Sorry. I make myself laugh far too often.

Anyway, the Jedi made reservations at our most favorite restaurant for Friday evening. Their chef is creative and the food is not mass-produced, so he is more than willing to make any of their options gluten-free. I had the filet with roasted snap peas and asparagus. It was amazing. More importantly, I had my favorite martini (did I ever mentioned that my dad loved martinis? yes, only his were of the dry variety) and we reminisced.

We sat a few booths away on our first date, where Bryon wore a white button down shirt and argyle socks and ate a cheeseburger - and I had a chicken sandwich and told stories. We fell more in love in that booth.

We sat in the same booth that we found ourselves in after every premarital counseling session with Plowman, learning more and more about one another and the crazy thing we were buckling together for life.

We sat beside the table where Lulu and Roger, Joe +1, and Shannon and Shelly joined us the night before we got married. Remember, the Non Rehearsal Dinner? Martinis and stories were flowing that night and someone shhhhh-ed me. Ha. That was funny, wasn't it, Lulu?

After dinner, my Jedi took me to the bar to enjoy a nightcap. Except it was 7:30 and we felt aged. So we went home and fired up the Wii to play Top Shot Arcade and shoot stuff together. Turns out I am a fabulous couch hunter. We played and laughed for hours. It was an amazing Valentine's Day.

Mabel loved on Kiki.

Hayley loved her new glasses.

I loved being able to connect with Lulu.

Mabel got new shoes so Bo loved the box.

And while Bryon was loving the time he had to organize power tools, I loved Jenna Lyons on last week's Girls episode.

Chicken nachos and a husband who loves the Lord. Every time I think it's impossible to feel more blessed, God graces us again.

And Dear B: Thank you for choosing optimism and happiness. Thank you for loving this crazy life with me. And thank you for reassuring me that we could hunt anything together anytime. You are my partner for life, Homeboy.

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