February 4, 2014

More Paleo Recipes and Tips

We talk about Paleo a lot at home. The kids are curious and they ask questions while shoveling vegetables in their mouths. They also steal my homemade paleo granola all. the. time! Stinkers. One night Trevor asked me why they call it "Paleo" and not "Veggio." Oh my.

Here is a tremendous infographic that I recently found about the Paleo diet, which can explain it far better than I ever could.

Toad in a hole, HERE

Paleo pudding pops, HERE

Scrambled eggs and bacon in avocado - easy!

Paleo Shrimp stuffed mushrooms, HERE

I'm not sure why people think I can't eat anything. I seriously eat... everything. I eat well and I eat a lot. I love food and more importantly, I love to cook good food for my family. It's important that they like it, too. Is the paleo diet hard to follow? Yes. It takes serious discipline! And I am by no means perfect. But you have to start somewhere and every step toward greater health is an accomplishment to be proud of. I am lucky (?) because I have Gluten Intolerance, which means I CANNOT eat gluten; it is not merely a choice for me. So I suppose that makes the transition a bit more defined for me. In addition to my intolerance, I choose to not eat any other grains and follow a paleolithic lifestyle.

I often hear criticism that the Paleo diet is expensive and it is. Quality tends to cost more, sadly. We don't buy organic all the time, but we do every time we can catch a sale. We buy the highest quality we can afford at the time and yes, our cart is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week. Fresh costs more than a box of donuts. But instead of being sad that we're spending more money on food, we are celebrating the fact that all of those fruits and vegetables have gone somewhere: in the bellies of our babies! Hooray!

I am by no means a Paleo expert. I'm a newbie. But I hope my journey, as well as the tips and tricks that work for our family can help someone else.

And now:

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