February 10, 2014

On Being A Girl

Last weekend was fabulous for my uterus. The girls are little still and while I take them into beauty stores sometimes, I still prefer to wander the aisles alone. In peace. Without pulling hands or distractions. And while my husband would certainly be invited to join me, he usually prefers to do man things in the car while I wander those aisles alone.

And so I managed to make it into both Sephora AND my new Ulta not once… but twice this weekend. Alone! I have no idea how it happened; I only know that my was soul felt revitalized immediately. Melinda and I have been texting for days about hair and makeup and so it was perfect timing. Aside from the fact that she is there and I am here and we cannot go wander those aisles together. Hmpf.

With respect to hair:
I treated myself to the new Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder and I was disappointed. While it smells very lovely and does a fine job as a dry shampoo, I really didn’t feel like it reawakened my style or added volume. It wasn’t worth the price in my opinion so I returned it and picked up 2 cans of Batiste from Ulta instead. Batiste is right up there with Suave Dry Shampoo in popularity at a low, drugstore price, so we’ll see. [The grapefruit scent of Suave gets to me sometimes. I can get over it, but if Batiste smells better and works just as well, then I’ll be thrilled.]

I am trying out Living Proof brand hair products, which Ulta carries. Jennifer Aniston is the cofounder/coowner/spokeswoman/something impressive and if you know me at all, you know that speaks volumes about how good it must be. I currently have the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. Day 1 is fabulous – like, really, really fabulous. I’ll provide more of a review after I’ve used it for a longer period of time. I may also consider the PHD shampoo and conditioner next. They’re sulfate free! These are Holy Grail contenders, Ladies.

With respect to skincare:
I’d like to know when my skin began to feel dry and old because I should have been paying better attention. Have my hormones dropped or changed to the point that I must seriously now shop in the ‘other’ section of the stores?  Depressing. I stood at the Dermalogica counter for a year and a day trying to decide what to go with and in the end, I chose the sample size of their Age Smart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser to use once a week or so. It contains lactic acid so I’m looking forward to some brighter skin once a week. I’ll report back.

I am in the market for a new daily moisturizer. I’m currently using California Baby’s daily lotion and while I love it, it might not be ‘enough’ for my dry skin anymore. Any recommendations?

With respect to makeup:
We all know I’m not a huge liquid makeup girl. Just not. I think I am allergic to the idea of foundation; it feels like a mask on me and I get all claustrophobic and literally count the seconds until I can wash it off. No judgement at all to those of you who use it religiously, I’m simply saying that I dislike it. I do like to accentuate my eyes and cheeks though, so I’m trying out the Nars Multiple stick. It’s a highlighter, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, and lip tint all in one. Perfectly lazy. Once I actually learn how to use it well, I’ll report back. Oh! And their eyeshadow, Bali came home with me as well. I saw it used in a Free People makeup video and almost fainted at its versatility. Love.

I came home with two colors of the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain as well in Flame and Crave. They are pretty saucy! I may have to get used to those. I used to wear the crap out of neon lipstick in 1993. Time to reawaken that part of myself, I reckon.

Seriously, my husband sat in the car 4 times this weekend in order to allow me this time to be a girl. It’s very pink and smelly and girly, he says. I think he is refusing because the last time he joined me at the Sephora cash register I called him my Sephora sugar daddy and all the girls loved him to pieces. Maybe?

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  1. I have a recommendation: Arbonne. I became a consultant because of D- I found carcinogens (parabens on the top of the list) in just about every skin care product (and make-up) I had tried. Arbonne is THE best, and it's botanical and beneficial, with absolutely nothing that can harm you or your skin. It's Swiss formulated, which means it's tested much more strictly than the US products. (although Arbonne is made in the US)
    Check out arbonne.com, and read about the company. Then get back with me. :) I'll send samples.